How to cook the beetroot in a microwave oven?

Beets can be cooked in several ways and one of the fastest cooking methods is the method of cooking beets in a microwave oven. The process itself is simple enough and no one will cause any difficulties, and the result of your labors will not be inferior to the beet, cooked by the traditional method.

You will need: beet, microwave power of at least 700 watts and glass deep dishes for the oven.

Beets are thoroughly washed, then make a lot of holes in it with an awl or any other sharp object. Next, place the vegetable in a previously cooked dish or a plastic bag, in which it is also possible to boil the beetroot.

Then, the beetroot is placed in a microwave oven and put it at a power of 800 watts, you can and less, but then the cooking time will be longer. If you put on 800 watts, the beet will be ready in ten minutes, if at a lower power, then it will take a little longer.

In a similar way, any other vegetables can be cooked in the microwave, most often in this way potatoes are pre