How to transplant guzmanyu?

Guzmania refers to a beautiful genus of bromeliad flowers. Carrying out guzmania is not difficult, unless of course you know the features of the vegetation of these plants. Like all flowers of the genus bromeliads, guzmania blooms only once in its life, after which babies are formed, and the main plant dies. During the formation of children and the death of the main plant, it is best to begin a transplant.
You need to prepare: a primer specifically designed for flowers of the genus bromeliads and orchids, polystyrene, pot, coal, expanded clay. The pot is not of a high size, but wider than the usual pots.root system of guzmania is superficial and with development in a deep pot, purulent processes can form.
In the pot, fill the drainage, it should occupy the third part of the pot. For drainage, use pieces of styrofoam, expanded clay or coal. Coal will help prevent soil siltation, and also prevent infections in wet soil.
Soil you can choose the one that is used for orchids, i
t is great for guzmania, or you can buy a ready-made set of soil for bromeliad flowers in the store, this set includes peat, sphagnum, loose leaf earth and pieces of bark. In the ground you can add charcoal and needles from the coniferous trees, they will help make the soil more loose.
In the pot with the already prepared drainage, fill the soil, the thickness of which should be 2-3 cm. In the middle of the ground, make a small elevation with the same soil. On this elevation put guzmaniyu and begin to slowly fill the pot with soil. During filling, tap on the walls of the pot, this will help ground the ramming. The soil should not be above the level of the neck of the plant. After you again poured the soil, you need to do again ram, tap not too pot on the hard surface, so the soil will settle a little more, then pour it out a little more. In no case do not compact the soil with the help of hands, guzmaniya likes loose soil.
Plant transplantation is complete. Now you need to protect the flower from drafts and put it in a warm place, not too bright place. Make sure that gusmania is always with water, it needs a humid climate. Water the flower on the rosette of the leaves.
Remember that it is possible to transplant babies only when they grow up to the third part of their mother's size, and only when they have their roots. Flower transplantation does not affect flowering, but it is better to transplant in the spring.