Nettles during pregnancy

Most of the herbs have a beneficial effect on the future mother's body. Herbs are an invaluable source of a large number of nutrients. Pregnant women are recommended to take herbs in the form of infusions, but you need to be careful and use only those herbs that do not harm a woman and a future baby. Nettles are safe to eat during pregnancy.

This herb is often recommended to use during pregnancy. The fact is that it benefits from its fortifying properties. This plant allows you to tone the cardiovascular system, and also has a positive effect on the urinary tract. Nettle is used by pregnant women in order to prevent anemia, penetration of the infection into the kidneys, bladder. It helps to fight with varicose veins, it is widely used for birth bleeding.

During the gestation of a child, a woman can without any restrictions drink tea from the nettle. If desired, it can be cooked after delivery, the drink will stimulate the production of breast milk. Tea from the nettle can be drunk with the

addition of honey, sugar or lemon.

To make a tasty and healthy drink, you need to take dry leaves of nettle( 2 parts), raspberries( 2 parts), oat straw( 2 parts), dried alfalfa( 1 part), peppermint( 1 part) and red clover( 1 part).

All herbs should be mixed, put in a plastic or glass jar and stored in a dark cabinet. As soon as you want to drink nettle tea, you need to take a couple of spoons of herbal mixture and pour it with boiling water( 1 liter).Infuse tea about 1 hour. You can drink the drink both warm and cold.

Nettle tea, in addition to all of the above, has a tonic effect, bears benefit for the heart of the future mother and removes excess fluid from her body.

Despite the useful properties of nettle, pregnant women need to know that the use of this herb during the first trimester is contraindicated. Nettle for a period not exceeding 12 weeks, can lead to vasospasms and muscle spasms( in particular smooth uterine musculature).As a result, a miscarriage may occur.

Nettle will benefit the expectant mother only in the second to third trimester and after childbirth. To prevent anemia, you can drink a herb collection that includes nettles. The collection should include dry raspberry leaves, peppermint, dandelion( leaves and roots), as well as dill. These components of a healthy drink should be taken in equal parts and poured with boiling water. During the day, you can drink this drink for ½ cup 3-4 times.