Stones the abdomen during pregnancy

Due to the fact that the abdominal muscles of any woman before the first pregnancy were not subjected to particularly severe stretching, with the first bearing of the baby, its growth is slower. Starting from the third month, the tummy is rounded, and by the fifth month it is quite noticeable for others.
During this period, or rather starting somewhere from the 27th week of pregnancy and later, the expectant mother faces unpleasant sensations, in which the abdomen becomes stony. This situation worries the pregnant woman, since she does not know the origin of these sensations and their subsequent influence on the health of the baby and her body.
We describe the situation in which the abdomen becomes stunted during pregnancy.
Quite often the abdomen of the pregnant woman hardens as a result of the tone of the uterus. Stone state after a few minutes in most cases disappears. The frequency of this process is up to four times per hour. To help yourself and your future b
aby, a woman needs to lie down on her side and try to relax.
Stone gravity occurs quite often also in connection with training fights. In medicine, they are also called Braxton Hicks contractions. Uterus with their help as it prepares for the forthcoming birth. Be sure to tell such a false urge to your gynecologist, but, in no case should not be silent. Pregnant should follow the recommendations of a doctor who can also prescribe and special drugs( mostly tocolytics).The latter are designed to prevent premature birth and reduce the tone of the uterus.
Incompatible pains in various places of the abdominal region may be associated with the stomach. In order not to deceive yourself and the doctor, the pregnant woman should eat small portions( often, but not enough).
In an interesting situation, there is such a normal and quite frequent phenomenon as bloating. Increasing in size, the uterus presses on the intestines and stomach. In order to avoid the bloating as rarely as possible, it is necessary to exclude from the diet acute, salted and smoked dishes, and, as already noted above, do not load the digestive tract with a large amount of food.
On a relatively distant date, with stone pain and pain in the abdomen, a survey should be conducted. It will consist of ultrasound and dopplerometry, the delivery of tests, assessment of the condition of the vagina and the like. In case of detection of inflammatory processes, any violations or abnormalities, a specialist will be assigned complex therapy and medicines( anti-inflammatory or placental flow-improving drugs).In some cases, a woman needs to undergo in-patient treatment.
It should be noted that the stone gravity in the lower abdomen, is, in the main, the first sign of beginning labor. If, at the same time, there are also palpable and cramping pains at the end of the gestation period, be sure, it's time to go to the hospital.
Thus, if the abdomen is stoned during pregnancy, it is necessary to find out the cause of what is happening in time. In the early stages of pregnancy - this can be a serious cause for concern, and if the child should be born very soon, be collected in advance in the hospital!