Hair removal on the face forever

Despite the fact that the hair on the face is the destiny of every woman, not everyone will want them to be visible and clearly appear above the lip or chin. Therefore, every lady who takes care of herself at least a little and her external attractiveness will do everything to calmly look at herself in the mirror, without being irritated by the hair on her face.

Unfortunately, women can not afford, like men, daily to put their face in order, shaving the hairs, as those as a result will become even more rigid, dark and will grow more actively. However, we should not lose heart and despair, as we live not in the Stone Age, and the cosmetics industry has taken care of helping those who need to remove facial hair forever.

Ways to remove facial hair permanently

Ways to remove facial hair permanently are not that many, but each one is in its own way effective and helps to cope with the nuisance. In addition, depending on the individual characteristics of each woman( sensitivity to pain, skin type, ab

undance of vegetation, etc.), it is quite realistic to choose one of the following methods for yourself, to finally breathe peacefully, dropping offat least this problem.

The only thing to consider when starting hair removal, this is the reason for the appearance of hair, as well as the consequences of one or another method of depilation. The most reasonable is to consult a doctor before starting a cosmetic procedure.

So, the main tried and tested methods of hair removal are eight:

  1. shaving;
  2. plucking;
  3. hair discoloration;
  4. waxing;
  5. hair removal cream;
  6. electrolysis;
  7. laser hair removal;
  8. photoepilation.

Shaving facial hair as a way to get rid of them

Shaving is the simplest and most common, but, alas, not the most effective way to remove hair.

First, the blade of the machine in the most cruel way traumatizes the delicate skin of the face, bringing micro-cuts and microbes infection, which is fraught with subsequent irritation and reddening of the areas of the skin from which the hair was removed.

Secondly, if you started to shave regularly, then be prepared for the fact that your hair will start to grow much faster. Therefore, shaving the hair from the face is not the best option.

Plucking the hair on the face

In a word, it hurts! This method is suitable only for those ladies who have hair on their face in very small quantities, and the hairs themselves are thin. As a variant of radical hair removal, plucking is not good. This procedure, like shaving, should be performed with an enviable regularity, and in the same way during it the skin or face gets a lot of stress and the risk of being infected at the plucking site. Hair after this method is not only that will grow again, they will grow even more actively. It is explained very simply: as a result of plucking to the places of hair removal, blood flows, which then serves as a good "soil" for the new, much stronger hair to grow on the site of the plucked. However, if there are no other options, it will be much more effective to pull out the hair than to shave it off.

Discoloration of hair

The bleaching of hair with hydrogen peroxide on the face, as a way to fight them, is also familiar to our mothers and grandmothers who have not heard about depilation creams. However, bleaching hair is not so much a way to remove them, as much as a method of camouflage. Only those women whose face hair is short and soft in structure, can afford this procedure. Peroxide, burns their color, makes the "antennae" invisible, but does not remove them from the face. In addition, be prepared for the fact that the procedure will have to be repeated again and again as the hair grows. The active compound will aggressively affect the skin of the face, in most cases irritating it. Therefore, this way, you have to sweep aside.

Wax Epilation

Finally, gradually we moved on to much more effective ways to get rid of the hair on the face forever( well, almost forever, at least for a long period).The fact is that when hair is waxed or sugar, along with the hair, the bulb is removed, which significantly slows the further growth of the hair and significantly thins it.

The advantage of this method is its cheapness and availability. Since the wax can be purchased at almost every angle, and the procedure itself, without seeking help from a cosmetologist.

We are sure that you know that for epilation in this case you will need not the usual wax, but its cosmetic appearance, which is produced in tablets or plates.

In the future, the wax melts on a fire or water bath and is applied with a spatula or special stick to the vegetation area. It will take some time for it to freeze, and then with a sudden movement of the hand, the wax is removed from the face with the hair.

Since the procedure is rather painful, it is better not to remove all the hair at once, and separate parts of them - one after another. After the end of the punishment, reward your skin for torment and lubricate it with fatty creams that will nourish the skin and remove irritation.

Wax epilation is also not a means of getting rid of hair permanently, but its result is quite long, the effect of which is preserved for at least 2 weeks. Re-epilation with wax is carried out when the hair on the face has grown over a length of at least 5 mm.

Hair removal facial depilatory cream

This method is also a budget option for solving the problem, but will not get rid of it permanently. Hair removal occurs under the influence of special compounds, on the basis of which a cosmetic product is produced. These compounds destroy the proteins of the hair, and it falls out.

The downside of the method is that the result is not lasting, the hair growth in no way slows down and does not decrease their number. In addition, the cream, like any chemistry, is not suitable for every type of skin and can cause serious irritation in those areas of the face that were subjected to the procedure. Therefore, before using this or that depilation cream, first test it on the elbow bend, and in no case do not use creams, the expiration date of which has expired.

Electrolysis is one of the best ways to remove hair on your face forever.

To date, electrolysis is one of the most effective ways to get rid of facial hair forever. The principle of action is as follows: a cosmetic thin needle penetrating into a hair bulb, destroys it by means of a current passing through the needle. In the future, hair growth slows down very much, or they stop growing at all.

This procedure should be addressed only to an experienced and proven beautician, which can be selected here, for example, http: // spa-salony. Do not refer to an inexperienced master, because in case of failure on the skin in the places where the needle penetrates, scars will remain.

Laser depilation

The method is suitable only if you are a brunette, since the laser recognizes only dark hair, destroying their follicles. As in the case of electroepilation, laser hair removal should be performed under sterile conditions by a competent specialist.

Photoepilation - the best modern method of facial hair removal

Photoepilation is the most modern way of solving the problem - hair removal on the face forever, and probably the safest of all, since the destruction of hair occurs under the influence of light. The only pitfall in this case may be the fact that the very delicate skin as a result of photoepilation can get burns.

Above we talked about all the available ways to remove unwanted facial hair, and which one to choose is up to you. Only we advise to think, if the problem does not face you very sharply, is it worth to resort to all these methods and injure the skin for the removal of two or three hairs on the face?