Prenatal vitamins

Vitamins for pregnant women are needed, it does not even need to be discussed. Discussion is usually subject to the fact that it is supposed to give out medicines and vitamins for pregnant women for free, the law has existed since 2007, but the mothers who passed the fire and water declare that free medicine in Russia has become a byword in Russia, so it is desirable to forget about this law at once, and what vitamins to drink during pregnancy, to deal with a gynecologist, then to just buy them and take them to their destination. There should not be any independent activity in such matters. The best vitamins for pregnant women are those prescribed by the doctor depending on the indications, the term and the personal data of each individual lady.

Prenatal vitamins

Why vitamins are needed during pregnancy

Modern vegetables and fruits grown often in greenhouses or hydroponic "workshops" do not contain the quantity of nutrients that a pregnant woman needs, and the ecology has changed so much that it will not be po

ssible to get the necessary dose of health simply with food. Therefore, in order for the child to carry out the process easily and without problems, vitamins for pregnant women are simply necessary.

On the other hand, too many benefits can not be overdosed, an excessive amount of even the best vitamins for pregnant women will lead to what always happens if overdo it with medicines - the liver will suffer and an allergic reaction will occur.

Preparing for pregnancy: vitamins for pregnancy-planning

It's hardly necessary to be so critical of the claims that vitamins for those planning a pregnancy are simply a vital necessity, without which conception will not occur. If it was so, a large number of young ladies, who did not see vitamins in their eyes, would not show up on the test two strips - suddenly. Of course, it's good in general, and you can consult your gynecologist about what vitamins are in the planning of pregnancy, he will tell you the ideal "rudimentary" variant with an increased content of folic acid and vitamin E. But drugs do not carry directly directly the sense-forming function.

Vitamins in the first trimester of pregnancy

Vitamins in the first trimester of pregnancy are usually prescribed as standard, the same as for planners, with folic acid, vitamin E and increased iodine content to support the thyroid gland. In general, the doctor can limit himself only to folic acid and iodine, because nothing else so far that the mother's body is not required. Moreover, toxicosis usually negates all the use of utility. Well, the ladies will understand who passed - only you will eat, you will take the tablet, and in five minutes you are already rushing to the faience friend - hugs!

Vitamins in the second trimester of pregnancy

But in the second trimester of pregnancy, vitamins are digested much better, and they need much more. In particular, if you can not eat fully, or there is neither time nor opportunity at all desire.
In the third trimester of pregnancy, vitamins again need to be changed, because at this time it is important not to provoke muscle strain, which can interfere with delivery or even cause the tone of the uterus, therefore, it is said that it is easy to design self-complexes according to the principle of beautiful advertisingdangerous.

The best vitamins for pregnant women: the rating of vitamins for pregnant women

At the request of the ladies we bring to your attention the rating of vitamins for pregnant women and the peculiar comparative characteristics of the most popular means.

Vitamins for pregnant women Elevit. Due to the increased content of magnesium prevent pregnancy failure and contain an increased dose of folic acid. Iodine is not included in the composition, therefore it is prescribed separately.

Vitamins Vitrum Prenatal for pregnant women. Both complexes, both conventional and forte, contain folic acid, iodine and iron, prevent anemia and help improve the condition during pregnancy.

Vitamins Complimit for pregnant women. The content of vitamins A and D is understated, so this drug does not cause allergies even in sensitive ones. But they are suitable only for a warm season, when there is a lot of sun, and an increased vitamin dose is not required. Folic acid is enough, the iodine vitamin preparation does not contain.

Vitamins Alphabet for pregnant women. As always, the alphabet pleases that it separates vitamins, and it is very convenient, you do not need to think about the incompatibility of certain micronutrients. The dose of iodine is large, but folic acid may not be enough for the first trimester.