Small cars for women

  1. Mini Cooper - a machine from the British Isles, four-seater and front-wheel drive. According to its external data, it is a small and gentle machine, but it has a surprisingly strong character. According to statistics, it is the mini-keeper that is considered the most feminine car. There are options with a hinged roof. It is logical that the car can not boast of a spacious cabin and a capacious trunk. Absolutely not suitable for trips in the winter.
  2. Nissan Micra - a Japanese car with three or five doors, a hatchback. The same applicant for the honorary title of "the best women's car", as well as ford fiesta. Attractive externally and even in places comic typewriter, definitely not claiming a serious style. Such cars are very reliable, possess an enviable maneuverability and safety. But here it does not do without minuses: a low-profile regular rubber, it's dangerous to fly a wheel into the pit. Also upsetting the locking of doors, which does not always work clearly. And as mechanical rear window li
    fters - in the car which is densely stuffed with any electronics this doubtful decision of designers.
  3. Toyota Auris - presented in the same way in three and five-door versions. Streamlined body lines and a sporty style for many ladies will have to taste. A lot of solutions for storing small things and a capacious trunk, quality interior trim and good running characteristics. Its minuses: a high level of noise and a weak suspension. Has a somewhat boring dynamics of movement and is not suitable for lovers to ride with the breeze. Also, the design of the car makes rearview uncomfortable.
  4. Volkswagen Golf 7 - the new version of the German national car. For the most part a very good and reliable car, which is not surprising - most of the design solutions have found a suitable implementation and now it is "golf" that will set the pace for the next generation of cars. Lighter construction and lower fuel consumption will significantly save finance, and better handling will give a lot of pleasant impressions. About the fuel consumption should tell in more detail - the car was first connected to a fuel economy system that recognizes small loads on the engine and disconnects several cylinders. Salon made almost indistinguishable from any model of audi, definitely this is a big plus. Noticed disadvantage - the car has a choice of several driving modes, between which you can switch. But when you switch, nothing changes, there is absolutely no difference. Perhaps, there must be some mandatory conditions to feel the transition to another regime.
  5. Mazda 3 - no matter what version of the car in front of you, a hatchback with five doors or a sedan, the car will greatly surprise the driver with her character. Dynamic characteristics push the car to the fore, if you like to drown gas in the floor and enjoy a quick ride. Externally it looks athletic and predatory, but the car has an unexpectedly sophisticated interior. Durable suspension and improved control system worthy of the highest ratings. But there are a number of unpleasant, albeit minor, flaws, among them very fragile glasses of fog lamps, curved headlamp washers, weak rear lighting and a large oil consumption.
  6. The Citroen C4 is a compact hatchback that does not need a special introduction, in the same class as the Ford Focus. Designers of this project have worked on the glory and the result of their work was the original design, well-adapted to the Russian roads suspension, quality elements of the interior and a wide range of engines when buying cars in salons. In general, a reliable car that is worth its money. There is such an exotic opportunity, as the installation of doors in the style of Lamborgini, which will open up. The car has a number of minuses inherent in its class. Not the best form of seats, a bad rearview and an automatic transmission that spoils the smoothness of control.
  7. Skoda Fabia - a Czech car, in essence the same Volkswagen, slightly changed appearance. The new Skoda has grown a little in its dimensions, now passengers will feel more free. Girls will appreciate the presence of an amazing number of small compartments, where you can easily get confused and forget where you put the mobile phone or the keys to the apartment. Such compartments are inserted in the most interesting places: under the seats, on the backs of the front seats, in the control panel and even in the trunk. There are small disadvantages, but in general the car will not give serious trouble to its owners. The car is designed for trips around city streets and uneven, dirt roads are better to avoid. A narrow view during bends and the need to warm up the engine for a long time in the cold season will not spoil the mood.

What kind of cars can go for primordially feminine? Cute, comfortable, safe, reliable and small in size cars - that's what modern girls need.

We offer you TOP-7 exclusively women's cars, which differ in their small size, maneuverability and safety, and besides they are very beautiful, which for us, avtoledi, is also very important.

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