Cheap cars for girls - choose the best!

The stereotype of the fact that a woman at the wheel - it's very dangerous, it's still not convincing. Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are able to perfectly control the car. And moreover, many of them drive the car much better than men. Therefore, there is the question of acquiring a suitable inexpensive car for a woman. Representatives of the fair sex can not stand the inconvenience and prefer all the delicate. Therefore, consider cars that are currently the most popular, in demand among the female population.

Fiat 500

This model - a real gift for lovers of this brand. The car will be liked by connoisseurs of city luxury. Although the machine is internally crammed with modern technology, the style of the sixties of the last century is shown in all appearance of the car. The model has seven airbags. This is the most reliable car in its class. It is all designed for women. In the car there is an electric air aromatizer and an unusual interior trim. Having a considerable

amount of coloring, about nine types of wheel disks and fifteen kinds of upholstery, the cost of this car was much less than planned.555 thousand rubles will be the base model and about 600 thousand model with the engine capacity of 1.4 liters.

Citroen C3

This car is perfect for a real lady. The cost of the car is about 500 thousand rubles. But it's worth it. The box of the automatic machine costs approximately 625 thousand rubles. There is an opportunity to buy a car with a robotic gearbox. Because of this, the price may drop to 585 thousand rubles. But the engine will lose power. Citroen C3 is not cheap, but this car is the most suitable option for a woman who values ​​comfort and prestige.

Kia Picanto

Kind of car distinguishes it from other cars. Because of the design of the car its price was determined - 380 thousand rubles. The car has airbags. With an automatic box the machine is estimated in the range from 500 to 600 thousand rubles. Dimensions of the machine are small, so you can park it without problems. This is an excellent car for girls to quickly and comfortably move around the urban jungle.

Peugeot 107

This machine is available in two versions: three-door and five-door. Its appearance attracts our attention. The cost of a three-door model in comparison with a five-door model is eight thousand rubles less and is about 390 thousand. Engine power 68 horsepower with a capacity of one liter. Quiet traveling is one of the best options for traveling around the city. For 440 thousand rubles you can buy a model Peugeot 107, which is equipped with air conditioning and audio system. The car is small in size, accommodates up to four people who will feel comfortable in the cabin. The model of the car was created precisely for the beautiful half of humanity.

Chevrolet Spark

The car is small in size with a four-speed automatic box. This model is suitable for girls. There is such a car about 450 thousand rubles. Equipped with a ventilation system, electric mirrors, two airbags and a power steering. The equipment is not cheap. One-liter engine capacity of sixty-eight horsepower. The small weight of the car contributes to a quiet trip in the city.

Nissan Micra

The car stands out in the strongest traffic flow of cars. This is all thanks to the design of the retro style. The effect of a wave that runs along the entire length of the car's body. There is a spacious salon in which four people can be accommodated. In cars ABS, Brake Assist, EBD systems are installed, which provide safety when driving on the roadway. There is also an on-board computer, keyless access system, climate control and so on.