New Citroen C4 for Autoladie

The long-awaited premiere of 2011 was accomplished - the new Citroen C4 already in Russia and Ukraine. Moscow company "Irbis Citroen" - the official dealer of Citroen in Russia offers all autoloaders to evaluate the advantages of a car on their website - will reveal the main characteristics of the stylish and new Citroen C4.

The French Citroën concern has produced a very successful updated C-class model with excellent technical characteristics and first-class design, which is ideal for women on domestic roads.

Innovations model - control system for empty areas for parking, a system of assistance on the slope, fog lights, turn lights, cruise control system and much more, the body material is made of high-strength steel.

The new Citroen has become more powerful, the size of the trunk has increased. Dimensions of the model - length 4.33 m, width -1.79 m, height 1.49 m. However, because of the more rounded shapes, large headlights, shiny wheels, it looks much

more attractive and luxurious.

Citroën C4 will pleasantly surprise not only the external form, but also the interior interior .Comfortable seats, good sound insulation, thermal insulation, beautiful finish, glass roof, color and sound electronics panel.

The car is equipped with a climate control system, hi-fi audio system, rain and light sensors, massage seats with lumbar adjustment, ABS system. Specially developed parameters for Russian roads ( increased suspension, rear mudguards, excellent high-profile tires of the famous Michelin manufacturer) allow you to enjoy the trip and not feel the shortcomings of the domestic roads. In more detail with the completion of the new Citroën C4, the Moscow company Irbis Citroën invites you to read here.

The new Citroën C4 is even more advanced in the safety and reliability area, it is equipped with main and additional side airbags, protective curtains.

Innovative engine , developed in conjunction with the concern BMW gives pleasure from the trip. The engine of 4 cylinders( volume 1.6 liters) is economical, powerful( 110-120 horsepower), meets the European standards of ecology.

The price of new model shocks the hearing. The official dealer of CitroenS4 offers to buy from 574 900 rubles, which is 10% lower than the cost of its predecessor.

Citroën C4 will be presented on the market with a manual transmission and a specially designed for women automatic box.

As experts say, the new Citroën C4 should become the leader in sales of the C-class, ahead of its main competitors from Japan and Korea.

Why Citroën C4 is aimed not only at men, but also for women. The car has an excellent luxury design, various colors, an economical engine, an excellent safety and reliability system, the Russian roads, a large trunk, and a spacious interior. Manage such a machine for the strengths of each Moscow avtoledi, because everything necessary and even more there is provided.

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