Parktronic and alarm system - integral things in women's cars

Who said that the car is a toy for men? No modern city can be imagined without motorists.

If you go back to history, you can see that the named Berty Benz was named so loved by men car .It was the woman who gave the money for the development of the first car. The first trip by car was also made by a woman.

Perhaps the majority of male representatives such a phrase as "a woman at the wheel" will simply cause a smile and a smile. Currently, the usual picture is that when a nice girl comes out of the house and approaches a silver car parked at the entrance. Representatives of the fair sex have learned to drive so skillfully that they do not have much difficulty in making the most difficult maneuvers on the streets of Moscow.

However, motorists also need helpers who will help to facilitate not only driving, but also to ensure the safety of women's cars. Speech, of course, will go about alarms and parking radar( parktronic) .

For some people a foreign car, unfortunately, is a source of e

xistence. As a rule, hijackers calculate the victim in advance. And the victim, more often than not, becomes a woman, as the most defenseless creation.

Secure your own car from theft will help a good alarm .One of the best installation of car alarms in Moscow is the installation center "AutoProfi" - http: //, where you will be offered one-way and one-way alarms, with a static, dynamic and dual dynamic code, with passive protection from capture, Valet,starting the engine. .. but we'll talk more about it.

More and more motorists are thinking of installing an alarm system with the function of remote engine start, that is autorun. Such a device will not only save valuable time in winter, but also provide the greatest degree of comfort during the operation of the vehicle. It is very convenient in those cases when the street is very cold, there is no need to sit in a warm car. In the hot summer, on the contrary, it will be more convenient to sit in the cool interior of the car. There are alarms with auto start for cars with automatic and manual transmission, as well as for transport with a diesel or gasoline engine.

Another useful device for a female car is the parking radar( parktronic) .Installation of parktronics, which offers the Moscow installation center "AutoProfi", is necessary to significantly facilitate the process of parking, as well as when driving the car back. Parktronic warns the driver that there is an obstacle behind the vehicle, this avoids possible collision and damage to the car. Especially convenient are parking radars in those places where there are high curbs or posts. The sensors transmit information about the distance to the indicator light so that the driver knows exactly what is happening behind his car. Indicators with beepers in the car are installed. On the rear bumper set parking radar, which turns on only at the time when the car is moving back.

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