Auto Insurance - Advice for Women

On the female drivers, men look indulgently, try to pin, trim, zoom. Despite the male rumor, the women behind the wheel are more attentive, focused and careful. The statistics say that the male driver is the most likely participant in the accident. Car insurance becomes an additional guarantee on the road. For women, the main problem in insurance is that there are many nuances in which it is necessary to understand and obtain additional information. Reliable and detailed information allows you to choose with more confidence the insurance company.

Casco and MTPL are the two most common types of car insurance. OSAGO is compulsory motor third party liability insurance. A casco( comes from the Spanish casco - skeleton, hull) - full or partial insurance of the vehicle.

OSAGO is compulsory insurance for even for foreign citizens. In the event that an accident caused damage to a third party, it is this type of insurance that will cover the payment. The amount of compensation( it is set a limi

t of 400 thousand rubles) is determined by the terms of the insurance contract, the payment is made by the insurance company. In some cases, compensation is not paid, all exceptions are separately spelled out under insurance conditions, they should be studied. The cost of OSAGO insurance is determined by the government, and its change is possible not more often than once every six months. To find out the cost of the OSAGO policy, you can use the calculator.

CASCO insurance does not insure liability to third parties, passengers, property. Only the itself is protected against accidental damage, damage to third parties and natural disasters, from fires, traffic accidents and theft. You can insure the car only from theft with the help of a partial auto hull. The cost of kasko insurance is determined by various factors. Your agent evaluates the condition of the car, driving experience and some other factors. Based on this, the cost of the insurance premium is calculated.

The Internet has special services for calculating the price of insurance - the so-called virtual calculators .One of the best virtual calculators KASKO offers Moscow credit and insurance broker "CredInsur".You can enter data with the help of an insurance agent or yourself. You will need to enter such data as: car mileage, year of manufacture, service life, car make and model, other specifications, as well as driver's experience of the owner. This calculation is quite simple, the main accuracy of the input of all data.

Almost all of Moscow's insurance companies operate on the same principle. There are different tariffs and agent competence. Before choosing one can study reviews on the Internet, ask a friend of car owners. Preliminarily, you can calculate the insurance price by calculating in an online calculator, and then compare it with what the agent of the selected company will offer. The more you are prepared, choosing an insurance company, the fewer unpleasant surprises await you in the future.

Always study insurance news in general and the selected company in particular. The insurance company can conduct shares of - insurance at reduced prices, this can be used and saved. In some cases, there are benefits for OSAGO, it is advisable to ask the agent in advance.

The absence of a hull insurance does not entail any consequences, except for extra money spent in the event of an accident, theft or damage. And the presence of MTPL is mandatory, in its absence you can be fined. Do not forget to be insured on time, but remember that insurance is not a panacea and be considerate and polite on the roads.

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