How to choose an auto service - instructions for ladies

Nowadays, a woman at the wheel of a car is no longer an excuse for lopsided jokes about the technical insolvency of women. Moreover, men themselves tend to recognize that women, because of their care and attention, create an excuse for emergency situations on the roads of Moscow only in rare cases. The elegant design of leather armchairs and the sophisticated luxury of car interior accessories is an integral part of the image of a modern business woman.

However, in using such unconditional convenience as a personal car, there are some mundane nuances that one has to face. Yes, it is worthy of technical maintenance of your impetuous friend. Probably, out of a huge number of women drivers there will be only technically gifted individuals who carry out this responsible work independently. It's great if there is a beloved man, burdened with an excess of free time and burning with the desire to tap and twist your car. Knowledge and skills in this area, of course, are mandatory. What, with it not so a

ll is simple? Then the output is one - to find a reliable car service .

But how to find such an auto service that will become an indispensable assistant for many years?

Use the recommendations of experienced drivers .Among your Moscow friends, of course, there are many drivers with experience. They can send you not only to an excellent service station, but also recommend a specific master who will quickly and efficiently repair the car - http: // qualification of a specialist and his responsible attitude to business is half the success. And if you find this, do not venture on risky experiments, pushing the car into the nearest car service. It is better to spend money on the tow truck, delivering the car to a reliable service station on the other side of the city than to restore it to the cogs.

If the car service is really solid, then it does not need additional advertising. Customers themselves will sing him praises. Positive feedback from , a long time in the market for such services, is quite encouraging.

Keep in mind that a high-quality car service involves performing separate maintenance and repair operations for the car by narrow specialization masters. If repairing the engine, painting the wing and restoring the alarm is done by one specialist, you should be alerted. Also, such important procedure as vehicle diagnosis - http: // - should be carried out by narrow specialists.

should ask beforehand how much the services of car service will cost to you. If instead of clear answers you will hear complaints about the fact that it is impossible to calculate the price and amount of work in advance, think about it. There can be two explanations for this behavior. First: masters do not have the necessary experience, and your car will be just such an object for its acquisition. Second: the technical condition of the machine masters is the least interested, but the contents of the client's wallet - even very much. Maybe it's worth looking for other specialists?

As a rule, the client is called the cost of work in advance. If you are offered to perform any service is too cheap, be wary. The qualitative diagnosis of the and good repair does not differ with the low prices of .In this case, either the quality will suffer, or the estimate "unexpectedly" will increase in the course of work. If there is a significant amount of work to be done, the client is called an estimate with a certain margin. By the way, to find out the average cost for spare parts and technical services on the Internet is not such a problem.

Having addressed in a decent car-care center, keep in mind that, may have to wait with the resolution of the problem. In prestigious car repair shops everything is painted for a couple of weeks ahead. But you should be warmed by the thought that your car will be repaired with the maximum quality and necessary guarantees. And an elegant woman should be all right: and hair, makeup, and car.

Aida06 for women's online magazine