Hyundai ix35 - the choice of a modern woman

Hyundai cars have become even more quality and safe in operation. The car Hyundai ix35 is produced from 2009 year. This crossover is recognized by the results of testing as the safest and compact car in Europe. In 2010, he received a maximum rating of five stars. That's why it becomes the number one choice for a modern and stylish woman, and the official Hyundai dealer is the cherished partner of many avtoledi.

Hyundai ix35 has won great popularity in Europe among women. Only three months after the start of sales, about 60,000 cars were sold, most of which were bought by women. Auto Hyundai ix35, which represents the dealer center "Irbis Handai" in Moscow, has a diesel and gasoline engine with a volume of 2 liters, a 5-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift function, drive auto-full or front.

Why do modern women prefer this particular model - the Hyundai ix35 ? Why official Moscow dealer Hyundai notes that it is women who are increasingly buying this car for themselves? Ev

erything becomes clear only after you see it! The elegant look of the Hyundai ix35 has won more than one heart of the fair sex. It is the appearance with the curved lines that distinguishes it from other cars, for example, from an unattractive Hiundai Tucson with an angular appearance.

The design of this crossover fully meets the technical specifications and dynamics. Dynamic performance of the Hyundai ix35 is visible in every detail of the design - headlights, radiator grille, downward hood lines. The impression of the exterior style of this car is complemented by exterior mirrors, where repeated turns, chrome door handles, a rear roof spoiler, panoramic roof, original alloy wheels, rails and the original rear bumper. It has everything that is necessary for a modern woman for comfort and stylish image. It is about the beauty and practicality of Hyundai ix35, its ideal parameters for avtoledi and tells in its review the dealer center "Irbis Handai" - /ix35/ index.html.

The release of Hyundai ix35 cars was held as a legacy of the Tucson. Bumper and optics have become even more exclusive with experimental materials. The design center in Germany created the car Hyundai ix35 in the style of "fluidic sculpture" - that in translation "fluid sculpture".The idea is taken at the ix-onic prototype exhibition, which took place in 2009 in Geneva, but it is distinguished by the softness of the lines and the elegance that makes it the best choice for women. The aerodynamics of the Hyundai ix35 car has become much better than its predecessor, although they almost do not differ in size. The wheelbase became a little bigger, and the length of the cabin slightly increased, and now it can easily accommodate five passengers.

The Hyundai ix35 is a front-wheel drive vehicle with a 4WD transmission, as well as an automatic rear axle connection. This crossover has a fresh, improved design of the front panel, which in the first place will please women. The salon is decorated and decorated with high quality materials. The steering wheel can be adjusted both on a slope, and on a start. In front there is a glove box, where you can cool any drink and quench your thirst while driving. For convenient parking, this car has a rear-view camera, it translates everything onto the monitor on the windshield. All these advantages have made Hyundai ix35 the choice number 1 for a modern woman!

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