Fashion Manicure 2015

fashionable manicure-100 In recent years, there has been a trend that makes manicure an important element of the image. Designers every season prepare new, interesting solutions for women's fingers, and women of fashion continue to experiment with the original forms and colors of nails.

Manicure 2015 - the actual length of the

In 2015, absolutely all designers are of the opinion that the trend length of the nails will be the natural length. Short nails are undoubted favorites of the season. This length of nails is not only practical, but also does not require fashionistas regular build-ups and adjustments. In addition, the fashion shows showed slightly elongated nails, not more than 0.5 cm long. fashionable manicure-17

Trendy length is a tribute to naturalness and femininity. Thanks to this trend, designers are trying to emphasize the fragility and elegance of women of fashion.

Manicure 2015 - a fashionable nail shape

As for the actual forms of nails, in the trend nails "oval", "square" with rounded corners and "almonds".Due to the v

ariety of fashionable forms, every woman can consider her nails fashionable and stylish.

Sharp nails and stiletto, which were relevant a couple of seasons ago, left the list of favorites. The reason for the "expulsion" is simple - these forms are not considered natural, and therefore can not claim the role of the trend of the season.

Fashion designers, who under no circumstances want to part with long nails, designers suggest using the "oval" shape with beautifully designed edges. fashionable manicure-22

Manicure in monochrome color gamut 2015

Manicure executed in a monochromatic color palette is considered one of the most fashionable in 2015.The main colors and shades of the season are:

  • Sensual Bordeaux. Beautiful and sensual shades of wine color - a tribute to the retro style, namely the prototypes of the girls of the 60's.
  • Glamorous "gold".Manicure, executed in golden color, stylists advise to combine with ornaments from gold.
  • Stylish metallic. The effect of "metallic" can complement the most different colors of manicure, but it will look especially beautiful with blue and gray.
  • Laconic nude. Different shades of beige color successfully replaced the "French manicure", which for a long time was considered fashionable.
  • "Candy" colors. In the trend, bright and rich shades of manicure, including pistachio, yellow, blue, coral. Also in the design of nails, you can use several colors at once. In addition, designers are advised to use a special transparent base that turns nails into transparent colored candies.

fashionable manicure-20

Manicure 2015 with a drawing

New season - manicure with prints. The choice of a particular pattern depends on the wishes of women of fashion, but the most relevant are the leopard and geometric print. In addition, the trend manicure, the pattern of which simulates intricate patterns of lace and large mesh. fashionable manicure-11

Lunar manicure with different color combinations met at many brand shows. The designers identified combinations of bordeaux and pink, black and silver, dark blue and electrician, khaki and pistachio. The contrast of colors can be emphasized by silvery or golden strips.

Fascinating manicure "gradient" literally attracts the views of others. Original color transitions allow you to use several shades at once. To complement such a "rainbow" manicure can sparkling sequins.

A shocking manicure in the style of caviar - a choice of stylish and brave women of fashion who want to decorate their nails with a luxurious layer of "black caviar".In addition to the standard black shades, the trend will be a manicure made of a scattering of multicolored beads.

Color blocks and contrasts are welcome in the fashionable manicure 2015. It can be a duet of two bright colors or a mini rainbow created with 4-5 colors. As shades used fashion colors of the season - mint, lemon, blue and pistachio.

Do not lose relevance manicure with the original, even a few funny drawings. Fashion girls can easily experiment and decorate their nails with funny faces of little animals or romantic floral compositions.

In 2015, a very harmonious combination of naturalness and creativity, laconic colors and bright colors. Therefore, women of fashion will not be difficult to choose a stylish manicure, both for work and for a trip to a nightclub.

Manicure 2015 - photo of

We present you a photo selection of the most fashionable manicure shows of 2015.fashionable manicure fashionable manicure-1 fashionable manicure-2 fashionable manicure-4 fashionable manicure-5 fashionable manicure-6 fashionable manicure-7 fashionable manicure-8 fashionable manicure-i fashionable manicure-10 fashionable manicure-12 fashionable manicure-13 fashionable manicure-14 fashionable manicure-15 fashionable manicure-16 fashionable manicure-18 fashionable manicure-19 fashionable manicure-21 fashionable manicure-23 fashionable manicure-24 fashionable manicure-25 fashionable manicure-26 fashionable manicure-27