Men's Fashion 2014

The concept of "fashion" origins goes back to the time of the appearance of clothing. Every self-respecting young man had to dress in accordance with those who surround him. The main criterion of fashion was the presence in the wardrobe of new and expensive things and jewelry. In the 21st century, in fact, nothing has changed, only its quantitative indicators have changed. How many different directions and divisions of fashion appeared at least for the last five to seven years. The division comes from various light-suits and simple accessories to the style of military and extravagant creations of designers.

Now the interest in men's fashion is almost equal to the interest in women's fashion, but all because men also want to look modern, to keep pace with the times. Wherever you look, you see completely different people, each dresses in his own way, but everyone can see some similarities with the fashion novelties reported by the media. Most of this is noticeable on young guys aged 18 to 27 years. As

for people more adults, then all kinds of fashionable things for them less, but they meet the requirements of style and taste. They'd better buy a man's document bag and look reserved, rather than dress things that look more like something unreal and provocative. A young one is exactly what you need. Everyone wants to stand out, show that he is not like everyone else, that he is the most unique. This is normal, because in fact, there is a spirit of men, the winners, the earners, those who are better than the backward. The logical question arises: what to choose then to continue to be on top of uniqueness? Men's Fashion 2014 - what is it?

Fashion for men 2014 - trends and trends

Let's expand the concept of "fashion for men" a little. This is not only what men wear and what is fashionable at the same time. Under this concept, everything is also suitable, than it is fashionable to be engaged in, ie.what activity will be the most popular, the most popular, attracting attention. Next year, a very fashionable occupation will be to make small, but meaningful tattoos on the hands. As many respected experts in the field of fashion and style say, these tattoos do not take up much space on the body, but leave an imprint of the time when a man lived, become a mirror of time. Moreover, it is very fashionable to have metal jewelry( not necessarily precious metals), all kinds of brilliant attributes, for example, watches, bracelets, jewelry on clothes, embroidery with glimpses. This will emphasize the individuality of anyone, even if the same suit will be worn by 2 young people.

In the fashion will also be everything that is decorated with patterns from the right geometric shapes. For example, the design of many sweaters, cardigans, jumpers will be decorated with different squares, triangles, polygons. This will give the strong sex some clarity, a strict focus, distinct lines. All this will very well be combined with dark and saturated blue. In contrast, unisexual colors are used, i.e.those that are more characteristic of women. This combination will give the men some inner, spiritual similarity with the female sex, perhaps help to emphasize it even in the most difficult trifles, because we are all people who are also striving to be fashionable. It would be ideal to buy a new season for an ordinary turtleneck instead of an ordinary shirt. This combination in the autumn-winter season 2013/14 will give you a special charm and tazhe will not freeze during walks or hikes to work. The weather forecast does not bode high temperatures, so fashionable practicality does not hurt. In addition to all this, a very important fashion attribute of the upcoming season will be a knitted scarf and boots of light tones. This will add some ease, novelty, well, and warm, of course.

What should men avoid in 2014?

Now let's touch on what should be avoided. The main thing - it's monotony in the patterned-color scale. There should not be something monotonous. It will be fashionable to stand out, and not just glow. Forget about hoods on clothes - this is extremely not fashionable this season. It will not be appropriate to wear glasses with clear lines, oddly enough. This will add to your appearance too much rigor, its overabundance. Superfluous in your wardrobe - this is all that is associated with the symbols of other cities. Their image on your clothes will show not your love for a particular city, but only some dreams in it to visit. Benefits this opinion will not give you. And here's another: do not forget to shave! Now in fashion will only light bristles or a completely smooth, clean face. A week or a month's beard remained far in the past. It is also not recommended to experiment with the design of your hair on the face, but with a hairdo on your head you can create almost anything you want.

Summing up, we have a number of features of the upcoming season. The season of correct geometric figures, a combination of style and practicality, darker tones, as well as a decrease in interest in experiments with both colors in clothes and with the design of a person's face is approaching. But accessories of beautiful metals, knitted scarves and light shoes, combined with a beautiful top in the form of a sweatshirt and a medium-length coat - this is the trend of the new season of 2014.