Fashion for the full 2014

Women with lush forms often face the problem of choosing fashionable and beautiful clothes. Leading fashion houses each season provide new developments for every taste and size. The upcoming season of 2014 pleases with the variety of styles, colors and accessories. Let's take a closer look at what will be fashionable for fat women in 2014.

Winter fashion for full ladies of 2014

In the cold season, thicker fabrics, heaters, textured elements that can create undesirable volume are used. For fat women fit straight with a belt or fitted silhouettes of coats and fur coats. Fabrics or fur should be smooth, without layering. The organic combination of different parts and elements of cut helps to effectively hide flaws.

Season 2014 suggests a variety of colors, animal prints, accessories that give the image of eastern luxury. It is desirable in your wardrobe to have several models of various suits, warm knitted and knitted dress, corresponding to fashion trends, and therefore pay attention to joint p

urchases, because large-size clothing will cost much less than buying single copies. Particularly relevant in 2014 is the emphasis on the waist with the help of a bright belt. The use of wide and long lapels, V-shaped cuts, longitudinal lines visually reduce the dimensions and stretch the figure. A good choice of costumes, consisting of a pencil skirt in combination with a romantic fitted jacket. A successful selection of accessories will make it suitable for both work and candlelight dinner.

Spring 2014 and fashion trends for complete

The assortment of spring dresses and suits from leading designers amazes with its variety. Bold color solutions and bright colors will create a truly joyful spring mood. Dresses and suits of fitted silhouettes made of bright fabrics will not get lost in the crowd and create a fashionable image. The combination of silk fabrics with lace will give the figure lightness and even some elegance.

At the top of the success will be fashionable monophonic leggings or with bright floral prints. A skillful combination with tunics and loose t-shirts of monochrome colors will help not only hide extra pounds, but also attract the enthusiastic glances of men.

The shortened trousers and jeans without unnecessary details in combination with the bright top will be appropriate for both sports and nature walks. Longitudinal strips and a vertical fastener will create an effect of smartness and sportiness of the figure.

The optimum length of skirts for pyshechek - mid-knee. A variety of styles: pencils, pleated, maxi and asymmetry - emphasize your uniqueness and femininity.

Summer 2014 - fashion for full women

Luxurious dresses with a neckline that emphasize the splendor of the breasts and the beauty of the decollete zone. Experiments with drawings make it possible to hide the shortcomings of the figure. A variety of silhouettes and fabrics are designed to create a summer mood. Long dresses in the floor in the Greek style - give the image grace. Silk and lush trim on top of the dress distracts the view from the lower part of the body.

Massive accessories made of wood, metal and beads will remain relevant and help create a complete image, focusing on the most beneficial details. Thin silk scarves and scarves, not only protect from the scorching sun, but in combination with glasses will give the appearance of mystery and mystery.

The whole coming season is a combination of classic and luxury. Therefore, reasonable experiments will help not only to update, but also significantly diversify your wardrobe. The combination of "animal" and flower prints of soft colors in harmonious combination with monophonic details will make any woman unique and desirable.

Fashion for Full-Autumn 2014

Costumes from knitted fabrics with ethnic patterns will give refinement and elegance to the look. Calm colors in clothes with some bright accents in the form of accessories or finishes are ideal for women and girls with magnificent shapes. Dressed dresses from soft fabrics of warm tones emphasize softness and femininity.

Autumn coats or jackets under the belt without excessive accessories, made in mustard, gray and dark blue tones will be a godsend for the upcoming season. Scarves with African prints will not only recall the past summer, but also paint the gloomy autumn colors with bright colors. Shortened or classic coats perfectly match with ankle boots or low boots.

Warm tunic dresses and sweaters made of smooth knitted fabrics will not only warm you well under the piercing autumn wind, but will also be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. And their combination with classic trousers or jeans will become a universal clothing for many life situations.

Full women are often afraid to experiment and complex about the extra pounds. Because of this, the choice in clothes, basically, falls on plain-looking dark things, which are designed to help get lost in the crowd. Any woman can be beautiful and attract the admired glances of the opposite sex. The most important thing is to love yourself and be confident in your own strength and irresistibility.