Fashionable fabrics 2014 - individuality first of all

Knowledge of the popular tissues of the current or future season helps these women of fashion to orient themselves in choosing a dress. But the main requirement is the quality of this or that fabric, because fake still did not make anyone more beautiful. Let's find out, which fabrics will be at the peak of fashion in 2014 .

Classical leather still remains at the peak of popularity, it is used by many designers to create their masterpieces. It is found not only in models of outerwear, which looks equally good both on girls and on guys( especially in black), but also when sewing dresses, skirts, trousers or shorts. It is worth noting that the novelty of the season is the combination of leather with marine theme .

What makes a woman extravagant and luxurious? Of course fur! They are absolutely present everywhere this season: both in outer clothing, and in any other kind of clothes( most often in the form of inserts), mainly in pale pink, purple or violet colors.

Velvet and corduroy , which are similar in structure and appearance, will also be popular in the upcoming season 2013-2014.Moreover, every woman can choose the color she likes - in the fashion any colors. But especially elegant will look a girl in clothes, which is made of this fabric, in a more restrained, dark and calm shade. A velvet or velvet suit, trousers or a dress will be appropriate to look both in everyday life and in solemn occasions.

Well, if your goal is to be in the spotlight, the garment from metallized fabrics will be a win-win option. This ensemble will provide an image of fascination and attractiveness.

Lightweight fabrics( eg translucent chiffon) , with dark inserts add femininity and mystery to the girls. Thanks to summer fabrics( linen, satin, silk) , the image will certainly turn out to be flying and airy.

Well and for more conservative women tweed things which differ convenience and comfort will approach.

Male topwear designers in 2014 also gave the style and modernity. In fashion, a fur coat, a coat and a vest from natural fur .The choice is diverse: a combination of fur and leather, any length of nap, collars of free cut. A fashionable trend is matte leather products with tarnishes or jams .

In any case, the fashionable fabrics of the 2013-2014 season give an opportunity to find yourself in clothes, your image, stand out from the crowd and show individuality.