What to choose for the winter: a down jacket or a warmed jacket?

Most of us confuse the name of the down jacket with a voluminous and warm jacket. It's no secret that winter jackets can have batting, sintepon and other fillers as filler. Therefore, to buy a down jacket, you need to pay close attention to the label.

How to distinguish a down jacket on the

label On the label, the manufacturer most often displays information related to the filler of the product. For example, the inscription " wool " means that the woolen batting was used as filler, "cotton " is cotton or cotton wool, and " polyester " is a sintepon. Such fillers symbolize that the product offered to you can not be called a down jacket, because inside there is nothing even closely resembling a fluff.

Synthpon, sansulayt or fluff?

Of course, today with the development of technologies, such materials as sintepon and its derivatives are fillings of a huge number of winter jackets. But they all have one drawback - to ensure sufficient thermal insulation, a very important condition is the

presence of several layers of synthepone, while the volume of the jacket increases several times. Very interesting material is sansulite, or, more simply, artificial fluff. Products filled with this material are not only warm, but also extremely thin. However, this material has a significant disadvantage - the price, it is too high.

Down - fluff

If on the label you read the word: " down ", then you can be sure, this is a real down jacket. By the way, as a filler of real down jackets use not only fluff, but also a feather. Thus, manufacturers are trying to reduce the price of the product, since the use of one hundred percent down can not be afforded by most buyers. But the use of down and feather should be in a certain percentage, otherwise the down jacket will not perform half of its functions. Therefore, the content of down in the product should be at least 80 percent, only in this case the buyer will be guaranteed protection from frost, wind, snow and rain.

How to distinguish a real down jacket for making

Tailoring products is also important. The stitching should not be single, it should fit together well. This is necessary so that during socks and cleaning down does not fall into the hem. Quality down jackets have special compartments for fluff, which assume a uniform spread of filler throughout the product and prevent its lowering into the sub-floor.