How to whiten a bathrobe

A lot of housewives and medical staff are wondering: how, without torture, and the first time to bleach the bathrobe. "There are several basic ways to do this.

The first method is that the product is soaked for about 10 hours with the addition of 5-6 tablespoons of ammonia. It is he who neutralizes magnesium salts. If this is not done, the salts will leave yellow traces on the white fabric. To enhance the effect, you can add a little hydrogen peroxide. But then the time of soaking should be reduced by a couple of hours. To all this, the ammonia has another great property - the softening of water, which has recently become very tough. If the white coat is heavily soiled, add 1-2 tablespoons of turpentine.

To bleach gowns, you can try to use the well-known "Whiteness".For this, white women's bathrobes are soaked for a couple of minutes in boiling water with a small amount of money. Then rinse and repeat the procedure again. But it is worth remembering that "whiteness" can not often be used, si

nce it contains chlorine. From him, things quickly deteriorate.

Another way to bleach a bathrobe - a solution of salt, powder, peroxide and alcohol. For the solution you will need: 12 liters of water, 8 tablespoons of salt, 50 g of proven detergent, half a liter of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 30 ml of ammonia. The water temperature should be about 40 degrees. Then soak the bathrobe for 4-5 hours. Rinse thoroughly.

Another well-known natural whitening product, which does not contain chemicals, is lemon juice. On a basin of 10 liters you will need 2 small lemons. The bathrobe should be put in water so that it is completely closed. Leave it preferably at night. In the morning, wash as usual. If you do not break the technology, then the product will be like a new, snow-white.

In our 21st century there are many powders suitable for both automatic and manual washing. Some of them have a whitening effect. But not all of them are ideally washed. In order not to spend a lot of money on finding a suitable means, you can ask your friends what kind of money they use or buy a few in small packages. But to qualitatively whiten all the same it is necessary to soak even hours on 5. It is possible since morning, leaving on job to throw a dressing gown in a basin with a powder and water, and in the evening to wash in the typewriter. And most importantly, it is necessary to erase such things separately from everyone else.