What is poplin?

Fabric, for the production of which the principle of linen weave is used, is called poplin. Poplin is a variety of calico, which is already known to housewives for its strength, and also practical.

This fabric is characterized by the presence on its surface of small scars. This feature arises due to the fact that during the manufacture of threads of different thicknesses are used. A thin thread is used as a basis, and a thicker thread is passed over the duck. This principle of fabric creation was coined in the Middle Ages in France in a city called Avignon.

Poplin, thanks to its features, feels very soft and pleasant to the touch. Strength and density of poplin is similar to the fabric that is used for making work clothes. The advantages of this wonderful tissue include its ability to look great in any shades.

Already at the production stage the poplin is divided into:

  • bleached;
  • multicolored;
  • printed;
  • smooth-painted.

Poplin is very resistant to coloration, and usin

g expensive dyes it becomes possible to keep the tissues hygienic. During dyeing, dyes are not simply superimposed on the fabric, but impregnate each strand until complete staining. This production process allows to achieve high stability and durability of the drawing. Poplin is usually made night pajamas, women's dresses, men's shirts and other things that people wear every day.

Also very popular is bed linen made from poplin - http://postelteks-plus.ru/poplin. This laundry has great advantages over simple, bedding. It is much stronger than usual, better retains its color and shape, and also has a much more pleasant surface. Most often, bed linen is sewn from cotton fabric, and in this regard, linen from poplin better retains heat and absorbs moisture, creating a more pleasant environment for the body to breathe during sleep.

Another very important aspect in this matter of products based on poplin, is the ratio of quality and relatively inexpensive value. All these details in total provide a much greater sense of comfort and coziness, and also do not severely damage the family budget.

Products from poplin do not require any unusual attitude and care. They are fairly easy to erase, there are no problems when ironing, a long time does not wipe off, but a little loses satin on resistance to washing. Manufacturers most often do not advise it to wash at a temperature of more than 30 degrees Celsius.