How to clean the mattress?

Often during the spring cleaning, even the most painstaking mistress does not reach the hands before cleaning the mattress - after all, he is usually hidden from the master's and outsiders' eyes by bed linens and blankets. However, like any piece of furniture, it needs regular cleaning and careful care.

To clean the mattress it was not necessary very often, it is necessary to observe elementary rules of maintenance of cleanliness in an apartment. Do not eat while lying on a mattress, if it is not absolutely necessary. If the mattress is intended for a child or a sick person and the degree of risk of contamination increases, you need to purchase a special cover, protecting the mattress from excess dust and moisture.

How to clean the mattress from dirt

If, however, the question arises, how to clean the mattress from dirt, then there are several ways to return the mattress to cleanliness. A mattress, for example, can be put in dry cleaners or call a cleaning company at home. However, if the famil

y is allergic, then you need to strictly control the composition of the substances used in cleaning.

If you decide to clean the mattress at home, you need to determine the degree of soiling of the mattress, and, above all, wash the mattress pad( if there is one).Then, using a vacuum cleaner, you need to clean the mattress from dust, nap, and pet hair.

There are special detergents for cleaning mattresses from dirt, but in the absence of such, you can use soap, detergent or carpet cleaning liquid. They easily get lost in thick foam, which can be treated with contaminated places on the mattress, after foam is removed with a damp cloth.

Depending on the origin of the stains, in addition to soap and water, additional components may be needed:

  • blood stains can easily be removed from the mattress with a solution of hydrogen peroxide;
  • stains from wax should first be cleaned of frozen residues, and then you can iron the place of waxing with an iron through blotting paper;
  • greasy stains and traces of lipstick can easily be removed with alcohol, which need to wipe the place of contamination, and after treatment - wash it;
  • stains from nail polish are easily cleaned with a solvent, acetone or nail polish remover;
  • stains from liquids of organic origin can be removed with a solution of vinegar and water, taken in equal proportions, and the aqueous solution of baking soda neutralizes the smell;
  • If the origin of the stain can not be identified, you can wipe it with a solution of ammonia( 1 teaspoon per glass of water).

After a damp treatment, the mattress should be carefully dried.

How to clean a mattress from urine

There are several ways to clean a mattress against urine stains, most of them work against fresh spots.

To remove such stains, it may be very effective to use a normal soap solution, after treatment, which must be soaked with a wet towel and allow to dry.

You can also remove stains with a mixture of salt and lemon juice, stirring these ingredients to a gruel-like condition. It is necessary to put it on the stains and leave for a few hours, and then wash with a sponge.

To remove the smell of urine, you can wipe the surface of the mattress with a solution of vinegar, or use a store to absorb odors( most often sold in pet stores).

To avoid further trouble with the mattress, you need to buy a waterproof cover or use an underlay diaper.

How to clean an orthopedic mattress

Orthopedic mattress is a structure consisting of several layers, in the middle of which there is a spring block or latex plate. Closer to the surface are interlayers of different materials: sintepon, foam rubber, coconut, holofayber. On top of the orthopedic mattress is covered with a fabric cover.

Bottomless orthopedic mattresses are dirty, as well as the rest, mainly with substances of organic origin, which leads to the growth of microorganisms not only on the surface, but also in the lower layers in the layers of the mattress. It is this multi-layering that determines the methods of cleaning orthopedic mattresses. Most often it is professional dry cleaning with the use of detergents for the cover, others for the interlayer and the main layer of the mattress and a very fast drying process that does not deform the inner layers of the mattress.

At home, you can follow several useful recommendations of specialists in order to delay the removal of the mattress in dry cleaning.

  • Every six months, you need to turn the orthopedic mattress over to the other side.
  • It is necessary to use special, washable covers for mattresses.
  • Once a week it is worth to vacuum the surface of the mattress, thus preventing mites and microorganisms from gaining a firm foothold on the mattress surface.
  • If nevertheless small spots appear on the mattress surface, it is better to remove them using special means for cleaning upholstered furniture, following the instructions for use.

How to clean a children's mattress

Children's mattress can often become dirty, so it must be cleaned regularly.

If the mattress is wet, do not rub the stain, and try to get wet, so that the bulk of the liquid is absorbed into the rag, and not into the mattress. When removing organic stains, you need to use a solution of vinegar, and if stains of inorganic origin remove the stain is necessary depending on its nature: most often you can use medical alcohol. If the mattress is stained with crumbs or dust, it simply needs to be vacuumed.

To remove odors, you need to use a solution of lemon juice, sprinkling them with a children's mattress. Also, it should be regularly ventilated and dried, but do not substitute it under direct sunlight.

The basic rules of mattress care do not change depending on the type of mattress and are mandatory for execution in every home. Subject to their implementation, cleaning the mattress will not turn into a regular torture for all family members.