Recommendations for reduced hemoglobin( anemia)

Hemoglobin is a complex iron-containing protein that performs the function of transferring oxygen to the organs and tissues of the body and is the main component of red blood cells.

Symptoms of low hemoglobin are: weakness, lethargy, fatigue, pallor, dizziness. The body simply can not provide itself with oxygen because of the shortage of components that carry oxygen, necessary for the life of the organism.

You can determine the level of hemoglobin by passing a blood test. The norm is 130 g / l for men, 120 g / l for women, 110 g / l for pregnant women and children up to a year. If hemoglobin is much lower than normal, it is anemia( anemia) - iron deficiency in the body. In Russia this disease is the most common: almost 90% of women in our country suffer from this disease.

The basis for the prevention and treatment of anemia is proper nutrition, in which a daily intake of iron shou
ld be 20 mg. And for pregnant women - 30 mg.

Among the products for the content of iron in the first place is veal( absorbed by 22% of iron), slightly less for beef and pork, 11% are sucked from fish. In order for iron to be absorbed more efficiently it is recommended to consume vitamin C, which is contained in fruits such as orange, pomegranate, apple. Improves the absorption and fructose, which is found in large amounts in dark varieties of honey.

It is important to know that tea, both black and green, as well as coffee, significantly limit the absorption of iron. The fact is that their composition includes a large number of tannins, which also worsen the absorption of iron. These drinks should be replaced with juices and compotes.

It is worth mentioning that experience has shown that cooking a dish in a cast-iron pan on low heat for 20 minutes at times increases the amount of iron in the dish. Therefore, for people suffering from low hemoglobin, it is recommended to use cast-iron dishes.

All these recommendations apply only to people who have low hemoglobin, since elevated hemoglobin is even worse than its lack.