Lightly salted cucumbers with dill and garlic

During the ripening season of cucumbers, many housewives not only seek to preserve these vegetables for the winter, but also salt for current consumption, and this is not surprising, because lightly salted cucumbers are a unique snack that perfectly fits the sorokogradusnoy, to meat dishes( especially kebabs), toa piece of fresh bread or even just disagrees, without anything. Such cucumbers are very delicious and crunchy, and if they are salted with the addition of garlic and dill, you can be sure that in a couple of days from such a snack there will be no trace.

So, let's take a big bunch of dill, thoroughly wash it under running water and shake it a couple of times to release it from excess liquid. Now it is necessary to divide the beam into two approximately equal parts. Half of the greenery should be placed on the bottom of the tank, which will prepare our lightly salted cucumbers.

As for cucumbers( they need 1 kg), it is best to choose young vegetables that are small in size and have

a dense structure. If at hand were lethargic cucumbers, which, for example, were ripped off 3-4 days ago, then in order to return the former crunch, they should be placed for an hour in ice water. This simple manipulation will give freshness to the vegetables. Surprisingly, even pickled cucumbers will suit salting. The fact is that under the influence of the brine the substance disintegrates, the presence of which makes the cucumbers bitter.

So, cucumbers need to be washed and dried, putting them on a paper towel. Now it is necessary for each vegetable to cut off the tips. This will help the cucumbers to salivate well in a short time. Prepared vegetables are placed in a bowl with dill.

Take the garlic, peel it from the husks and cut it into large denticles( 8-10 pieces).Garlic mass is poured on cucumbers, trying to distribute it evenly between vegetables. Over the cucumbers lay the remaining branches of dill.

Prepare brine. For this we take not simple cold purified water, but mineral water. This will make our snack even more delicious. So, in one and a half liters of any mineral water it is necessary to dissolve 2 tbsp.l.of large salt. With the resulting solution, pour the cucumbers and send the container with the pickle to the refrigerator. Only 24 hours will pass, as it will be possible to shoot a sample and rejoice their household members with the results of their culinary labors! Bon Appetit!