How to cook barley porridge on the water?

It is known to everyone that the barley obtained by crushing barley kernels is useful for the normal functioning of the body and is also very tasty. That's why barley porridge must be included for a change in the diet of the whole family, and especially it should be eaten by small children. Children, of course, do not really like this dish, but moms will have to be cunning and smart enough to make porridge from barley cereal one of the child's favorite dishes.

Cook any kind of porridge on the water simply and barley was no exception. Use the following instructions to prepare a regular porridge on the water.

How to prepare a barley porridge( on water)

  • Buy a barley cereal and prepare a cooking bowl. The pan should be chosen depending on the number of servings that you intend to cook, given the fact that the barley is almost five times larger in the process of cooking in its volume.
  • As the croup will swell, it will begin to absorb strongly the water, so pour water into the pan in r
    elation to the barley as 2: 1.
  • Groats should be thoroughly washed before cooking, thoroughly stirring and changing water( depending on the degree of soiling).
  • Dip the croup into the water, salt it immediately and preferably add a little vegetable oil. Turn on the fire.
  • During the whole cooking, monitor the contents of the pan, stir, while boiling boil reduce the heating mode.
  • Do not rush to try the dish, be patient, usually this kind of cereal is prepared for no less than forty minutes. About the readiness of the porridge will tell you the boiled water.
  • Porridge is left in the saucepan in which it was cooked and let it brew for half an hour. Before serving, it is desirable to put a piece of butter in the bowl.

You can eat barley porridge by adding sugar, some honey or jam to it. Although men prefer this dish with added lard( fresh), which is pre-fried with onions. Kasha can be used as an independent dish, and as side dishes to meat, add to soups, bake in the oven with vegetables or meat.

Often when cooking, a little milk or fat is added to the water. This significantly changes the taste of the dish, but does not make it less tasty and useful. Porridge seems even more delicious, if you eat it with milk or cold curdled milk.

Nutritionists recommend the use of barley porridge welded on the water to people who are overweight.