Marinated freckles for the winter

Volnushki are found in the forest quite often, but some amateur mushroomers bypass this mushroom side. Volnushki or volzhanki many consider simply inedible. They can not be fried, they can not boil soup, but here in a salty or marinated form the waves are unmatched. They are not only tasty, but also useful, as they contain trace elements. In addition, you can collect freckles, playfully - a pinkish hat is clearly visible in the forest. Even if the year turned out poorly for mushrooms, volzhanok in the deciduous forests will still be a lot. Having learned to cook them, you can offer your friends an original delicious snack.

It used to be that it is only possible to salt the freckles, but far from everyone likes salted mushrooms, since they have a rather sharp taste. But the freckles, prepared for the winter in a delicate marinade, will be a real find for the hostess. If you are unexpectedly visited by guests, it is only necessary to press potatoes and open a jar of mushrooms and a delicious tab

le is ready.

For marinating 500 grams of waves, you will need a glass of water, a teaspoon of salt and sugar, a teaspoon of table vinegar, one carrot and one onion. From spices, take a clove, black pepper and a bay leaf.

First, mushrooms. Rinse them thoroughly, clearing the hats from the "fringe".If the freckles are large, separate the cap from the stem. Small mushrooms can be marinated entirely. Soak the freckles in cold water and soak them for 24 hours. During this time, you need to change the water three or four times.

In the pan, put the soaked freckles, top up the water to cover the mushrooms, and sprinkle a little. Put the pan on the stove and bring the water with the mushrooms to a boil. Cook the freckles for at least fifteen minutes. Remove the foam from the mushrooms with a spoon. Throw the waves in a colander and allow excess liquid to drain.

While the mushrooms are cooling down, you can prepare marinade. Carrot and onion cut into rings, place in a saucepan and fill with water in the amount specified in the recipe. Here, pour in salt and sugar, place the rest of the seasonings and spices. Put marinade on medium heat and cook until the carrot is soft.

When onions and carrots are brought to the ready, place mushrooms in the marinade and pour in the vinegar. After boiling, cook the mushrooms for twenty minutes. While the freckles cook, prepare the jars. Put the prepared mushrooms into cans with a mug, fill them with a marinade. Banks roll up and put away for storage.