How to cook black rice?

Almost every hostess knows how to cook rice. But here in shops there was a new kind of this product - black rice. How to cook it? Are there any special requirements for cooking black rice?

It turns out that this kind of cereal grows in Tibet, is collected by hand and therefore is more expensive than other varieties. Cultural black rice is grown in the US.The researchers argue that this kind of croup is very tasty and unusually useful. Cooked from her dishes can be both basic and garnish.

So, let's start cooking. In order to preserve useful substances in black rice, it should be soaked in plenty of water( it absorbs it well) at night. In the morning, merge the remaining water in the tank with rice( it can be poured indoor plants), three full glasses of water poured into an enamel pan, bring it to a boil, salt and sprinkle it with cereals( glass).On a small fire, cook the black rice under the lid for forty minutes. Although you do not need to stir rice, but it is also not recommended to leav

e it unattended. During cooking, cereals increase almost fourfold in volume, which is why so much water is required when cooking black rice. The dish from it turns out friable and amazingly tasty. Risinki only dark outside. Having bitten them, you find out the whiteness inside. The aroma of freshly brewed rice is somewhat like the smell of fresh bread.

If you do not have the opportunity( or time) to soak black rice at night, you can use the following advice. Boil three cups of water( do not salt), pour one glass of cereal into the pan and cover it with a lid. Do not forget to turn off the fire. Leave the black rice for one hour. After the specified time, the cooled water is drained, rice is poured into boiling water, is salted and cooked for forty minutes.

You can find steamed black rice on sale. How to cook it? It's very simple. The preparation of steamed rice takes much less time - about 18 minutes. At least this time the manufacturer points to the packaging, but many still increase this time interval, bringing it to 20-25 minutes.

Black rice can be eaten as a main course, but as a garnish it is incredibly suitable for seafood. Prepared with the help of this cereal and salads are cold and hot, and the first dishes, and desserts. Incredibly delicious from black rice pilaf. Too often, this cereal can not be used, since it can damage the intestinal mucosa and stomach.