Tender pancakes with milk

Pancakes - this is one of the oldest native Russian dishes, which from time immemorial was given a sacred meaning. There were many rites and customs associated with pancakes and for each of these cases it was decided to bake pancakes according to a certain recipe. That's why several hundred variants of cooking pancakes with various ingredients have reached us. The only thing that has remained unchanged for centuries is the round shape of the pancake, reminiscent of the Sun - a tribute to the pagan past of our ancestors.

In a series of pancake recipes a special place is occupied by custard pancakes, which, according to the testimony of experienced housewives, are almost always successful, as flour, brewed with hot milk or water, acquires the ability to retain moisture, which evaporates when baking, giving such pancakes a special splendor and airiness. The only difficulty in making pancakes by brewing is to get the most homogeneous mass, without any lumps.

You can brew the flour in 2 ways:

  • Measure the required amount of milk( water), pour in a saucepan and gradually, constantly mixing, pour in the same sifted flour. Then put a saucepan of milk and flour mixture on a weak fire and bring to a boil, again, stirring constantly so that lumps do not form, and the mass is not burnt. When the mixture thickens, remove the saucepan from the heat and cool it.
  • In a bowl of flour pour boiling water and mix quickly until smooth mass without lumps.

If the lumps are still there, you can wipe them through a sieve. Prepare the custard pancakes only from sifted flour on yeast, kefir, water or milk, and the latter is considered to be the classical one. For the preparation of such pancakes, you can take a mixture of buckwheat and wheat flour( 1: 1).By the way, culinary experts generally do not recommend cooking pancakes from heavy buckwheat flour without brewing.

Recipe for lush and aerated pancakes


  • 3 eggs;
  • 1 cup of boiling water;
  • 2 cup of milk;
  • 1.5 cups of wheat flour( or ¾ cup of wheat and ¾ of buckwheat);
  • salt;
  • 1 tbsp.l. Sahara.


  1. Whisk eggs in the blender with milk, salt and sugar, then pour boiling water in a thin trickle. Constantly whisking, gradually pour in flour. When the mass becomes uniform, the blender is turned off and the container is put aside with a pancake batter for half an hour, so that the flour swells.
  2. Bake custard pancakes on a hot frying pan in the usual way.