Meat in a Captain's style

Very tasty dish with meat, which can be served as an independent lunch, and as a festive treat. If meat is cooked without potatoes, it can be separately cooked any cereals or make a vegetable salad. Here are several options for making this tasty and juicy meat.

The first version of

Gram 700 of pork washed, remove the film, a little fat can be left for juiciness. We cut it across the fiber and beat it off a bit( for this the product should be covered with a film or a normal package).Rinse, cut half a kilogram of mushrooms( any), put them in a frying pan and bring to the preparedness, if desired, you can add a small amount of onions.

Separately, we clean one or two bulbs, rub on a large grater gram 150 cheese.

You need to grease the baking mold, put some of the onion on it. On it we spread the meat chops, add spices and salt. From the top we lay mushrooms with onions and decorate with the remains of fresh onions. Sprinkle all the grated cheese and decorate with a small amount of mayo


Put the mold in the oven, which is heated to 200 ° C.Cook for at least 40 minutes, if desired, the cheese cap can be slightly browned under the top grill.

If the meat is cold - do not worry, it is still tasty and mouth-watering. To it it is possible to submit a potato or rice, and it is possible to cut vegetables by usual cutting or in the form of salad.

The second version of

Meat and sliced ​​as in the first recipe, a bit offensive. Lubricate the shape of the oil and put the meat in it, add the spices( salt, pepper, you can herbs).We clean and cut a pair of bulbs into half rings, lay them on meat, on top of the potato rings( not too thick to be baked), sprinkle with salt and pepper. On top, cover the dish with grated cheese and send it to the oven at a temperature of 180 ° C.We cook for at least 40-60 minutes( depending on the thickness of the meat).

The third version of

In this case, meat is cooked in portioned pans, and served. By the way, the second option can be done in the same way. Boil 6-8 potatoes until half cooked, in this case it will not break when it is cut. When it cools, cut it, but not very thick rings. Meat gram 500 should be cut into 4 parts( suppose that portions need 4) and we will cut off on both sides.

In a small frying pan, pour a little oil and lay out a portion of onions( cut into half rings).On it we spread on the chop and salt them( after grinding it can be rubbed with salt and pepper to avoid spices in the frying pan).For pork we put two cut potatoes, add spices. Pour a small amount of Béchamel sauce( for a serving, a glass of sauce is enough).We fall asleep with cheese and we send to bake at a temperature mode 210 ° C.The cooking time is about half an hour, but if the chops are rather thick, increase it to 40 minutes. The meat is served in portioned frying pans, and decorated with greens.


If the meat is captained potatoes, the side dish is not needed, you can except add greens or vegetables( pickles).Such meat can easily decorate the festive table or surprise unexpected guests.