Thin pancakes with milk

Bake delicate pancakes is an art. He will have to study, but not for long. If you choose the right ingredients and their number, pancakes will turn out to be delicious and delicate. Here are a few recipes.

The first version of

We connect three eggs, add a pinch of salt and a spoonful of sugar, stir. Gradually introduce two glasses of flour. When the mixture was homogeneous, we begin to add a little glass of milk. As a board it is worth recalling that the components of one temperature are better connected, and therefore it is desirable to get milk and eggs in advance on the table. Also there is an opinion that these two ingredients are better "working" with each other if they are at room temperature, that is, cold products should not be mixed.

When it turned out the dough of the right consistency( if necessary, you can add a little flour), it is blended with a small speed. It breaks the formed lumps and makes the texture of the mixture gentle. Next, you need to pour a couple of spoons o

f vegetable oil( and olive oil), but so that it does not have a pronounced odor.

If you like sweet pancakes, add a little more sugar( for example, three or four spoons), you can use vanilla extract or cinnamon for the fragrance.

Heat the frying pan and pour on it half a spoonful of vegetable oil or grease it( it all depends on what you will cook).It should be said that due to the fact that there is already oil in the test, it will not be necessary to lubricate the tank, just once or twice during the entire heat. For the first pancake, this must be done. Pour the dough on the heated surface and rotate the pan a little, so that it evenly spreads. Fry until rouge, then turn. And so while the mixture does not end. If the pancakes become a little sticky, add a couple of drops of oil to the frying pan or grease it with grease. That's all.

The second version of

Here's another way to fry thin pancakes. Heat the milk( to room temperature), add to it two or three eggs. Pour a pinch of salt and five to eight teaspoons of sugar( this is for sweet pancakes).Stir and gradually introduce flour. When the dough acquires the desired consistency, break the lumps with a mixer or blender. Add a sachet-two vanillin and two or four tablespoons of vegetable oil. If after mixing, the mixture will thicken a little, dilute it with water( but do not overdo it).

Heat and grease the frying pan with oil( butter) and bake pancakes. The first, most likely, will not work, but you can see how much a test for a thin product is needed. Fry from two sides to rouge.


If you decide to use yeast, pancakes will not be thin, in fact, as if you add sour cream to the dough. Pancakes will be lush and tender, but that's thin - never.