Black currant compote for the winter

In the winter months, especially want to treat yourself to something not only tasty, but also useful. Therefore, harvesting for the winter at this time is always relevant. Especially it would be desirable to mention in this case a compote from a black currant. The fact that black currant - a real storehouse of vitamins - a fact well-known. Thanks to these fragrant berries you can strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C, which is included in their composition, is preserved even in frozen fruits. It has anti-inflammatory, diuretic properties, helps to remove harmful toxins from the body, it is recommended for anemia, for problems in digestion, for diseases of the upper respiratory tract. In addition to the benefits of black currant compote is also very fragrant, rich and delicious. The drink turns out to be a beautiful noble color and has a sweet and sour taste. Anyone who drinks cold in such a compote can easily pass the period of various colds and not become infected, and even more to this, burn e

xcess fats and activate the exchange process.

For a three-liter jar of compote you will need:

  • glass of sugar;
  • black currant;
  • third of a teaspoon of citric acid.

How to cook

The first thing to do is to wash out all the currant berries very well. For this, in a large basin pour cold water( about half) and my fruit. We take out the berries with a colander and leave it for a while to make the glasses water. Then put everything in a separate large bowl. We prepare glass jars, sterilize them. Next, lay out the black currant banks. Berries should occupy up to ΒΌ( up to 1/3) of the volume of dishes. The quantity of berries should be determined independently, being guided by the taste. The more currants, the more saturated and pronounced the taste will be. Further in a large saucepan boil the water. As soon as it boils, immediately with a steep boiling water pour berries to the very top and cover them with metal covers. Leave the banks in this state for about fifteen minutes. After drain the water back into the pan and re-boil it.

In each jar directly to berries add citric acid and again pour steep boiling water. Now the future compote should stand for another ten minutes. Again pour the water into the pan. Now it will be red, waiting when it boils. We pour sugar into the jars and fill the currant berries with a very hot compote, close them with lids, immediately spin them. Turn the compote on the lid, carefully wrap it with a blanket or a warm towel and leave it in this condition until it has completely cooled down.