To keep the flowers in the vase longer

As a rule, the flowers that come to our house, make a long way. And if we also take into account the temperature drop that they have to transfer while we deliver them home, it will become obvious why they quickly fade. There are several proven ways to prolong the life of flowers.
Many initially do wrong. Bringing flowers from the frost home, immediately put them in a vase of water. This should not be done. It will be correct to put the flowers brought not unfolding, and after a while carefully remove from the bouquet crumpled and dried branches and leaves. If the buds of flowers themselves also have an unsightly appearance, then they must be placed in a tall vessel full of water covering them for a couple of hours. After that, they will look much fresher. But for roses and some others this method is not good. For them use the following. Take a bouquet of flowers and put them in a paper bag, while the bottom is slightly rewound with a thread. Then the stems of flowers are dipped i
nto boiling water for one or two minutes. After that, the bouquet is put in a vase of water in which was added a couple spoonfuls of alcohol. In this way, roses, gerberas, hydrangeas, poppies, zinnias and some others are enlivened.
Before you put flowers in a vase, you need to prepare them. For this, all leaves and thorns are cut off, which prevent them from being placed in a vessel. Then the ends of the plants are pruned in water, this is done so that the air does not penetrate the flower. The tool must be clean and sharp so that it does not accidentally infect an infection. In case the stem is too hard, it should be cut off a little and cleaned to a soft base. Narcissus needs a special approach, since their secretion is very toxic and can harm other colors. To avoid this, they are first conditioned for a day in a separate vessel, and only then added to other colors.
Florists have long noticed how these or those flowers affect their neighbors. So, the lily of the valley does not like to "live" with anyone in one vase, except for the stalks of the woodruff. Tulips can prolong the life of a small twig of thuja, which is put in a tighter vase. Some live longer in loneliness alone, these are carnations, lilies, roses. Dishes with fruit, standing near the flowers are able to accelerate their wilting.
The best water for flowers is rain or melt. But it is not always possible to find it, or simply once. In this case, use standing boiled. To prevent water from starting to rot, add activated carbon or silver. You can also take a tablet of aspirin, alcohol. To prevent flowers from starting to spread before the time, sugar is thrown into the water. The frequency of water changes depends on the particular plant, so for orchids once a week. For most other flowers once a day, if special additives are used, then less often( once in three days).