Sorrel during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when a woman has to give up the use of a number of products that can harm her body and the baby's body. Some products should not be abandoned completely, you just have to carefully study all the useful properties and contraindications. Such products include sorrel.

Of course, this herb has a number of useful properties, it is used in the treatment of many diseases. The composition of sorrel is represented by vitamins, microelements, vegetable fiber, as well as proteins and carbohydrates. Sorrel is the leader in the amount of ascorbic acid contained in it. That is why future mothers can use this herb as an anti-anemic and antioxidant agent.

Sorrel is an indispensable assistant for a future mother who suffers from cystitis, tonsillitis, diarrhea of ​​any origin, diseases associated with the intestines, etc.

Sorrel should definitely be excluded from the diet for future mothers who suffer from urolithiasis. The fact is that in sorrel there is a high amount of oxalic a

cid, which interferes with the absorption of calcium. While the expectant mother needs this mineral to be present in her body in the required quantities. It is also important for the full development of the skeleton of future crumbs. Calcium helps to form the nervous system of the child and other vital organs. For a woman bearing a child, calcium deficiency is dangerous for the possibility of developing osteoporosis.

Also in the composition of sorrel is a large amount of oxalic acid, causing disturbances in the mineral metabolism in the female body, suffering from urolithiasis. This acid, falling into the body of a future mother, disrupts the kidneys, provoking the further development of the disease.

In order to prevent excessive intake of oxalic acid in the body of a future mother, it is worth using sorrel, along with sour-milk products. The calcium contained in them, in combination with oxalic acid, will form hardly soluble compounds that are not absorbed in the intestine. That is why a future mother can not be afraid of excessive accumulation of oxalic acid salts in tissues.

Sorrel should not be used by those pregnant women who suffer from aggravated inflammatory process in the digestive tract. Oxalic acid in this case will irritate the mucous tract of digestion, and this can lead to erosion.