Signs of miscarriage early

Spontaneous termination of pregnancy in the early term - the situation is quite standard in the modern world, when the ecology and health of women leave much to be desired. According to medical statistics, for today, 5-8 pregnant women have a miscarriage at an early age.

Recognizing miscarriages for the first three weeks is sometimes not always possible, especially if the woman did not suspect her interesting situation. The pain and slight bleeding that most often occurs with spontaneous abortion, many are written off to a non-timely menses. Some women still do not know that their barely begun pregnancy was interrupted.

Simply those future mothers who plan pregnancy and carefully monitor their body. Modern pregnancy tests show results already in the two-week conception, and miscarriage is possible after this time.

Signs of threat of termination of pregnancy.

  • painful aching sensation in the lower abdomen;
  • the first drops of brown blood from the genital tract;
  • slight weakness.

With such symptoms, it is possible to keep the pregnancy, but only in case of timely treatment in medical institutions. Much depends also on the qualification of a gynecologist. Unfortunately, in the early stages, some doctors do not even try to save the child or simply do not make special efforts.

Signs of a beginning miscarriage.

  • pain from aching turns into cramping;
  • of bloody discharge becomes larger, they acquire a red color;
  • increases weakness and dizziness appears.

Similar signs are not yet a verdict. With immediate intervention of specialists, pregnancy can be saved. True, only if the embryo is still alive. Often a miscarriage at an early age occurs precisely because of his death, in this case, to keep the pregnancy there is no sense, no possibility.

Signs of an abortion.

  • sharp and severe pain in the lower abdomen;
  • intensive bleeding;
  • nausea, headache.

These symptoms do not indicate that you should not see a doctor. Despite the fact that pregnancy is unlikely to be preserved, immediate treatment in medical institutions will provide the woman with proper care. After all, the consequences can be not only in the abortion, but also the inability to have children in the future.

Whatever the signs of miscarriage in the early term, treat them carefully. Not only the life of the future baby can be in danger, but also his mother.