Whether it is possible to do or make a roentgenography to pregnant women?

Very often, prospective mothers are wondering whether fluorography can be done during pregnancy. After all, each of them is afraid of harming an unborn child.

However, the opinions of specialists on this issue diverge. Someone argues that you can do this procedure in the early stages of pregnancy, someone thinks that it will be better to refrain from it altogether, well, and someone is sure that having wrapped the stomach with a thick towel, a woman can save her baby from harmful radiation. But, no matter how it was, the opinion of specialists converges that it is necessary to do fluorography during pregnancy only when there is an acute need.

X-ray exposure to the body

As numerous studies have shown, x-ray irradiation negatively affects the human body, worsens the work of internal organs and destroys cells. But, sometimes there are cases when the future mother needs to go through this procedure, even despite her position. This may be due to pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc.

As for the size of the negative impact, it is difficult to say anything here, since there have been no such studies. It is because of this that scientists can not accurately answer about the consequences of this procedure and what can specifically affect it.

Early pregnancy

Very often, there are cases when a woman does not know about her condition, passes a fluorography and only then finds out that she is pregnant. Usually the first thought is about abortion and terrible diseases of an unborn child. But do not panic, because in the early stages of fluorography can not cause serious harm to your child. With an abnormality from the fetus, miscarriage will necessarily occur, so do not torture yourself with useless fears.

Fluorography law

When doing fluorography during pregnancy, it is necessary to adhere to the following rules. So:

  • The radiation dose should not exceed 1 m3.The exception is only certain cases, during which doctors recommend to interrupt pregnancy.
  • Surveys should be conducted using special protective equipment.

Also many women are interested in the question of whether fluorography can be done during breastfeeding. In this case, your child's health will not be threatened, since radiation is dangerous only in the womb.