Is it possible for pregnant women to grow their nails?

In the studies involved women, nail service masters who make themselves nail extensions, as well as daily exposed to chemical vapors. As a result of the research, a material was collected on the effect on the human health of all the chemical components used in nail extensions.
In the modern materials for modeling nails the main component is methacrylate. It consists of two types:
- methyl methacrylate
- ethyl methacrylate
It is known that methyl methacrylate has harmful substances affecting the fetus. As a result of studies in mice and rats it was proved that methyl methacrylate causes malformations of the fetus. But, it should be noted, such properties of methyl methacrylate are manifested when its concentration is 1000 times higher than in materials used for nail extensions.
In Europe and America, the use of materials containing methyl methacrylate has long been banned. But in Chinese and Korean products, you can still meet this su
bstance. In developed countries, a more modern substance such as ethyl methacrylate has long been used. Ethyl methacrylate( MMA), which has much lower toxicity. If you adhere to safety techniques, the harm from the procedure of nail extensions will be minimal.
Many pregnant women believe that acrylic is acerbic for their health, since it has unsafe evaporation and a very harmful chemical odor. Acrylic does have evaporation, but with the same intensity the gel evaporates, just its smell is less sensitive. If you think about it and choose, it is better to choose a quality acrylic produced in Europe or America. Let and with a sharp smell, rather than a gel of Chinese production that does not have an unpleasant smell.
The known substance is formaldehyde. In large quantities, it is toxic and toxic, but in the production of varnishes and materials for nail extensions it uses the minimum amount. Formaldehyde in large doses is certainly toxic, but its negative effect is reflected in the mother's body, and it does not affect the course of pregnancy.
This can not be said about toluene. It is used in almost all varnishes and coatings for nails and can adversely affect the fetus.
Fetal development may be affected by prolonged inhalation of toluene vapors, this effect can be compared with the use of alcohol during pregnancy. But in varnish coatings, its quantity is so small that it can not affect the development of the fetus as it can not. In the course of ongoing research, this has been confirmed and more than one case of concern, has not been recorded.
The conclusion from all this can be done the following - nail extensions to pregnant women are not contraindicated, but of course you need to adhere to a number of conditions:
1. The rooms where the procedures are performed should be ventilated with a good hood.
2. The master must use the latest generation materials only with high quality.
3. After the procedure, wash your hands with soap and wash your nose with water without gas. Thus, you will get rid of dust arising from filing nails to prevent an allergic reaction, which in rare cases may occur.