Care for a premature baby

If the baby was born prematurely, then it needs special care. Care for a premature baby is special, having its own difficulties.

A premature baby is nursed in incubators or in specially equipped rooms. In them it is located until it grows to the home conditions of care and feeding. From this moment the child, practically like other newborns or infants, depending on age, is subject to all the rules and principles of nursing and feeding in relation to healthy children.

How to look after the eyes of a premature baby

Immediately after birth, it is necessary to carry out so-called kredeizatsiyu. In other words, a 0.5% solution of silver nitrate is buried in both eyes of the child. Now antibiotic solutions are also used for this purpose, which helps protect the eyes from possible infection.

Later in the newborn, for various reasons, red fragments or increased suppuration may appear on the eyelids. Usually it is enough to rinse with a warm solution of chamomile. Take two pieces of cotton, for each

eye one at a time. After immersing the cotton wool in the solution, wipe the eyes with closed eyelids in the direction from the outer to the inside corner of each eye. If after this the suppuration continues, then you need to see a doctor.

For eye care, it is absolutely sufficient to wash them daily with clean water.

Ear care for a premature baby

For care of auricle of a premature baby, it is enough to wet a soft cloth with clean boiled water and wipe it. It happens that even from the very birth of the child from the ear, fatty or waxy discharge in the form of small and large crusts. In order not to accumulate a large number of these secretions in the hole of the external channel, the ear can be cleared, but carefully. It is best to use special elastic sticks, at the end of which the flagella wool with restraints are fixed.

It is not recommended to dip the stick too far into the external ear canal. The cotton wool wrapped around the match head can be very dangerous, so you can not use this method.

Nose Care for a Premature Child

If the nose is OK( no runny nose and stuffiness), do not touch it. It is necessary to clean the external entrance daily in the same way as the eyes and ears, rinse with a cotton swab soaked in boiled water.

In newborns and infants, the nasal mucosa is usually thickened, so breathing is clearly audible. In this regard, do not worry. Measures should be taken if the mucosa thickens so much that the child can not suck his breast or sleep with his mouth open. Although in this case it is enough to dig in physiological solution in each nostril or a few drops of althea infusion.

If severe nasal congestion is observed, 1-2 drops of vasoconstrictor( nasivinum, vibrocil) should be dripped into each nostril, wait 15 minutes and then repeat. After this, wait another 5 minutes and give the baby a breast. If you have twins, then each of them must have their own medicine( or individual pipettes).No ointments, aloe juice and other things on the advice of grandmothers, "experienced" girlfriends should not be introduced into the child's nose. All medications are prescribed by a doctor!

If the discharge from the nose is thick and abundant, then before instilling the medicine you need to clean the nose well. To do this, you can use sopleosyaschivateli( sold in pharmacies).

Some doctors recommend several times a day to put the baby on his stomach on a hard mattress. In this position, the contents of the nose will pour out of it. You can clean the nose with a cotton flag or a folded corner of the diaper. However, for the purification of the nostrils, special elastic sticks with a ready-made cotton head are the most convenient.

Prophylaxis of the oral cavity in a premature baby

In a newborn premature baby, it is very sensitive and tender to the oral mucosa. It can be very easily damaged by mechanical damage, even with very careful care. The mouth of a breastfed and artificially-fed baby will not be contaminated if hygiene of the nipple and nipples is observed. And yet, sometimes on the gums, tongue and mucous cheeks appear white layers, at first glance resembling the remains of milk. About the fact that these are not milk traces, says that they remain for several hours after feeding and are eliminated with difficulty. White hard-to-remove plaque from the tongue of the child is thrush.

In this case, you need to immediately take the following: first, wind on the finger with a sterile gauze or a piece of soft cloth, soak in a weak solution of baking soda and wipe the tongue and the inner surface of the cheek. A child can and drip several drops of drinking soda on the inner surface of each cheek. Secondly, be sure to see a doctor, as against thrush in newborns there are effective and safe medications. But personally, in my experience, in most cases, the removal of the gauze with soda solution is enough.

As soon as changes are seen on the oral mucosa, immediately all objects related to the oral cavity should be placed in a solution of drinking soda( nipples, vials, bottles, etc.).In this solution, they should be at least 5-10 minutes, and then they need to be washed thoroughly with water. In general, these items need to be intermittently( 2-3 times a week) to be mixed in a soda solution, in order to prevent the occurrence of build-up. For the same reasons, the mother should regularly wash her fingers and nipples with a solution of baking soda. If these traces are too pronounced, then you need to see a doctor.

Hair care for a newborn premature baby

We have already said that the scalp can be safely washed, rubbed and wiped with a towel. After that, the hair needs to be combed with a soft brush or scallop, so that the hair is not salted and dandruff is not collected, which leads to the formation of milk crusts.

If they are still formed, then you need to smear hair with vegetable oil or a special remedy for crusts, which are produced by many children's cosmetics firms an hour before bathing. After a thorough washing of the head, the hair should be rubbed and combed well. This procedure should be repeated several times until the hair is cleaned.

Some newborns have a poor scalp that worries mothers, especially if the child is female. However, in all children sooner or later the hair grows in sufficient quantity, so you should not be afraid and there is nothing to treat.

Nail care for a premature baby

Here and there prejudices still prevail that you can not cut your child's nails. However, nail care is necessary from the first days after birth. First, the child very often scratches his skin, which contributes to infection, especially on the face. Secondly, dirt is often collected under the nails. As each child pulls fingers in the mouth, thereby can also be infectious. So, the nails need to be cut about once a week, so that they do not protrude above the fingertips. Cut nails is recommended when the baby is sleeping.

Skin care for a child

The skin of a premature baby is very tender and sensitive, so care should be special. Daily bathe the baby in warm water with the addition of herbal decoctions. After bathing, apply to the skin a special cream or olive to increase its elasticity and avoid irritation. Take care that the child's clothing does not have internal seams, it was pleasant to the touch and did not cause discomfort to the baby. Do not forget about your manicure: nails should be short-cut, and your hands are always clean.

Body temperature of premature baby

Measurement of temperature is not necessary when the baby is healthy. If the child looks sick, then only it makes sense to measure his temperature systematically, three times a day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening. It is advisable to record the results of measurements, in order that the doctor, when parents come to him, had accurate data.

It is better to measure the temperature of the child with a child electronic thermometer.

The normal temperature of the newborn is about 37 degrees. It often depends on the outside temperature in the room and can rise to 37.7 degrees, which also does not mean its elevated level.

The temperature measured in the child's anus is usually 0.5% higher than the reading that is determined by measuring the temperature of the armpit.

How to care for a premature baby - video

We offer you video how to take care of a premature baby.