Traps for mice: how to catch a mouse?

Contents of the article:

  1. Why the mice are in the house
  2. Death traps for the
  3. mice How to make a trap for the mice
  4. Humane capture of the mouse
  5. How to avoid the rodent settlement in the house

Mouse Traps

Why the mice are planted in the house

Rodents can appear both in a private house and inordinary apartment, in the center of the metropolis. They resort to live with a person for several reasons:

  • • needs food;
  • • the cold has come and they need a warm place where they can winter.

Mice from the village can choose a barn or stable with a straw for settlement. In the city, there are no such options.

Death traps for mice

If rodents are found in the house, the masters should immediately start acting. These animals multiply rapidly. They cause a lot of harm, from damage to food, to furniture and wires. In addition, not all are pleased with the look of a mouse running around the house.

To catch a pest, you can use the old antiquated method. That is, take a mousetr

ap. This option is the most not humane, of the existing ones. Mousetraps are sold in many hardware stores. After the purchase it remains only to put the bait at the habitual places of migration of the rodent.

How to make a trap for mice

The lure can be like cheese, or sausage or special food from a pet store.

When a mouse sneaks behind food, a spring is triggered, and the metal bezel presses it. This is a deadly trap. Another option is poison. The poison for the mouse is put in the food that it will eat. But in this way there is a minus. A rodent can eat a poison, and then return to his hole. Then the body of the mouse will be hidden from the human eyes, and it can start to emit a terrible smell of decay, spreading throughout the house.

In apartments where there is a cat, the problem can be solved independently. These animals are born with the instinct to kill mice. But if the cat is accustomed to receiving its food, he will not want to track down and catch a quick rodent.

Humane capture of the mouse

If the owners do not get up to kill the annoying animal, it can be caught, and later released, away from the place of residence. Here are the most famous ways of how to catch a mouse in the house:

  • • A glass with a coin. It will also require a bait that produces a strong smell. She is put under a glass, which is put edge-on-coin. The mouse makes its way inside for food. The coin falls, and the rodent is trapped. The cardboard is pushed under the glass, and quickly turned over. In this form it is taken away from the house, where the mouse is released.
  • • Unrefined oil. Just need a regular ruler. The mouse loves the smell of ordinary sunflower oil. A bottle is placed near the pest's dwelling. On the basis of its one end put a ruler. Another part of her put in the bottom. On the plane of the ruler the animal enters the bottle, but can not get out any more. Tare should be from one liter volume. But the butter makes the mouse slippery, and it can not climb. It is best to take a plastic bottle.
  • • A bucket with a cardboard tube. It is easiest to catch a rodent with the remaining part from the used paper towel. The tube is rolled on one side. She is put on a ramp so that one side hangs over the bucket. In the other, near the end, place a delicious sausage or cheese. The mouse climbs behind the food in a pipe and falls into a bucket. It can be anointed from within with oil for reliability.

Adhesive for mice can be as suicidal for them, and more humane. If you use high-quality material on a natural basis, the mouse will not die. Adhering to the trap, it will harden so, until the moment when a person can wash it with water on the street. If the trap is not checked for a long time, the mouse will die of hunger, without the ability to escape.

On the glue entire families of rodents are caught. The main thing is to put enough food on the cardboard, previously treated with a sticky product. This method is suitable for a spacious private house.

The person should not touch the glue with his hands. The product can be stored for several years without solidifying. It spoils only from reaction with water.

How to avoid the settlement of rodents in the house

In order not to have to find ways to catch a mouse in an apartment, you can cut off the options for penetrating them into the house. Is it possible to protect the premises from pests? At 100% can not be given a guarantee that the mouse will not be able to settle in the house. But to increase the chances that the dwelling will not be touched:

  • • There should not be any cracks in the apartment. Use only glue on a silicone base. Mice like PVA;
  • • Rodents need water. At night it is better to close all containers with liquid;
  • • All products must be kept sealed. Mice will not live in a house where there is no food;
  • • if the owners know that pests are nearby, then you should immediately buy a special repeller.

He delivers ultrasonic waves, audible only to mice. The repeller acts on the nervous system of rodents. They will not approach this house closely. It is harmless to humans.

When small rodents are planted in the house, they can cause a lot of trouble. The hosts feel uncomfortable in their own home. To stop the invasion you need to follow simple instructions.