How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

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  1. How to deal with cockroaches
  2. How to get cockroaches out? The best means of the chemical industry
  3. How to kill cockroaches without using pesticides

How to get rid of cockroaches forever

How to deal with cockroaches

The first thing you need to do to cockroaches do not choose your home as their dock is, of course, with constant regularity to clean up in the house. Especially, it concerns kitchens and bathrooms, where these insects appear most. The fact is that they need moisture, as well as all living things in this world. And these are the places that they fill most of all. Further, to give offspring insects, naturally, food is needed. Actually, in search of food, cockroaches begin to attack our kitchens. Therefore, in order not to allow the cockroaches to find edible, you need to carefully process the sinks, toilets and other places where there may be even remains of food.

Fighting cockroaches has been going on for more than one century. In this regard, there are a lot of ways to get rid of

cockroaches forever in the present time. In addition to chemical products manufactured by industrial enterprises, many effective ways of getting rid of this "evil spirits" were also found among the people. In this article, we will discuss the most effective methods for getting rid of cockroaches. What to choose - decide for yourself.

How to remove cockroaches? The best chemical industry tools

The modern chemical industry offers many more or less effective means for eliminating domestic cockroaches. It should be noted that before using any chemicals, it is necessary to get acquainted with the instructions for the use of this substance, since improper handling of such chemicals can harm not only insects, but also negatively affect human health.

One of the most effective means in the fight against cockroaches today is the gel for the professional destruction of cockroaches, as well as the ants "Raptor".This gel is very convenient to apply, thanks to a special flask with a nozzle. The agent is applied to the places where the greatest number of insects was seen. Basically, this is all the space of the shells in the kitchen, the place where garbage is thrown out, and, in general, all the bedside tables, shelves, tables where any food is stored.

After using the gel( "Raptor" or "Liquidator") you can get rid of cockroaches forever in three to four days.

The question of how to get rid of cockroaches forever, led to the creation of special traps for luring cockroaches. Such "traps" are special toxic mixtures that attract insects to their odors. The optimal effect of such a means of getting rid of cockroaches is also achieved by "testing" such a treat, the cockroach spreads this poison among other individuals, as a result of which in about seven days there is a complete destruction of all cockroaches.

You can also try out cockroaches using special aerosols. However, their use involves the use of special precautions, since aerosols contain substances harmful to humans. Aerosol simply sprayed the places of the accumulation of insects. Such a remedy can also help get rid of cockroaches forever. Through the use of aerosols, you can conduct a complete disinfestation from cockroaches. However, this will require the tenants to leave their home for a while.

What are the cockroaches afraid yet? To poison cockroaches it is also possible with the help of specially designed chalks, such as "Titanic" or "Mashenka".However, such a tool acts on insects slowly. You can get rid of annoying mustachioed cockroaches only in thirty days. In addition, if you had too many, you probably should not use such a tool.

There are also so-called cottages in which the bait for insects is located to fight cockroaches, and the walls are treated with adhesive composition, so that the individuals stick to them. This is not quite an aesthetic method of getting rid of cockroaches, but absolutely harmless to humans.

How to kill cockroaches without using pesticides

Treatment with cockroaches using modern chemical products shows very positive results, but it should not be forgotten that any pesticides weaken also human immunity. And if such a drug accidentally gets into the eyes, mouth or open wounds of a person, the consequences can be extremely undesirable. Also, chemical products should not be used by people who contain pets. It is known that almost all pets are distinguished by their interest to sniff everything. Therefore, odors that a person does not perceive at all by a dog or a cat is very quick to smell. In general, such tools can kill not only cockroaches, but also seriously damage your pet.

At home, cockroaches can be sprayed by resorting to help, for example, boric acid. The only disadvantage in the application of boric acid is that it will not be possible to defeat cockroaches in this way after a while( about a month).To make pitfalls for cockroaches with your own hands, you need to sprinkle with acid those places where cockroaches can appear, namely the perimeter of the kitchen, the bathroom, the bathroom, the toilet itself, the skirtings, the bucket for rubbish and so on. And the advantage of this method for the elimination of cockroaches is that for insects boric acid is a powerful poison, while for humans and domestic animals this remedy has nothing dangerous. You can buy boric acid in virtually any pharmacy, and to process your home you will be enough from 50 to 100 grams, depending on the area being treated.

Houses can also be used for washing floors with ammonia. Cockroaches do not like it and can simply leave this territory. Some resort to the help of special electric ultrasonic devices from cockroaches. And in particularly horrific cases it is necessary to resort to substantial sanitation from cockroaches.

Many people know the problem of fighting cockroaches, these hated and harmful insects, which flood any residential and non-residential premises with just a thousand families. Even the cleanest housewives, who with special diligence monitor the cleanliness of their homes, do not have 100% protection against the appearance of these vile insects. In addition, if it happens that your neighbors rosters have settled firmly and permanently, then from time to time you will have to use any means to get rid of cockroaches forever. But the question immediately arises, is it forever? These small individuals are so tenacious and omnipresent that it is possible to poison cockroaches more than once. Nevertheless, many modern tools will help you in this difficult struggle.