How to get rid of midges in the kitchen, in the apartment, in the house?

Contents of the article:

  1. Sources of the appearance of insects in the house
  2. Effective methods for controlling insects
  3. Mechanical methods for destroying the midges

How to get rid of midges in the kitchen, in the apartment, in the house

Sources of the appearance of insects in the house

Sometimes it's completely unclear where the mice come from, because the apartment is clean and tidy, and the swarm of insects every day only increases. The problem can be covered in unwashed berries, fruits and vegetables, on which parasites lay eggs. Getting into a warm room, eggs appear from eggs, because in the house for their development all conditions are created.

Where does the midwife on fruit understand, but how to explain their presence in the house if there is no fruit nearby? Insects also like the remains of food, bread crumbs, so they are perfectly bred in the stern for cats or dogs, in a sink, trash can. Mostly there are midges in the kitchen, where do these insects come from? Perhaps somewhere lies a rotten vegetable or fruit. Also parasites can

reproduce in dirty plates, wet rags.

Effective methods for controlling insects

So, there were midges in the kitchen, how to get rid of them, without special efforts? The simplest method is to eliminate the source of their appearance( rotten fruits, garbage, wet rags) and wait until the adult individuals die out, fortunately, they have a short life. Sometimes this method does not help how to get the Sim from the kitchen in this case? Insects will be lost when there is no food for them in the house. Even after removing the spoiled products, people leave provisions for them in the form of conservation, bread, dried fruits and other normal food.

How to get rid of house gnats, do not throw out the same good products? It is necessary to hide everything in the refrigerator, hermetically sealed containers, tightly tied cellophane bags. Ideal cleanliness in the house should be maintained for at least 2-3 days, until all insects perish. If you do not want to sit idly by, or you can not hide food, it's worth using the money from mosquitoes in the apartment.

If there are midges in the apartment, you should take a small glass jar( fit and plastic container) and pour in it a little acidified compote or wine. From the top it needs to be tightly covered with food film, in which it is necessary to make several small holes. Having made such a trap, the question of how to get rid of Simuliidae houses will not be excruciating any more. Insects will fly into the jar, but they will not get out of it. Will only kill them with boiling water and drain into the sewer.

The method similar to the above method is very popular, how to destroy the midges in the apartment. A sheet of paper must be twisted by a funnel, a narrow end should be placed downwards of a jar or glass, and a wide edge should be wrapped with adhesive tape to the edges of the container. In the bank you first need to put some bait. Small gnats in the apartment will fly to the smell, they will crawl through a narrow slit into the glass, but they will not be able to get back to them. Thus, you can catch the main part of the swarm.

If midges in the kitchen cause a lot of problems, you can try to drive them out with the smell of camphor. It must be crushed and poured onto a heated frying pan. Camphor should be heated on low heat until steam appears. This is a very effective remedy for midges in the house, which is absolutely safe for human health. With a hot frying pan you need to walk around the whole apartment, smelling the smell of camphor, the monkeys will leave the dwelling on the same day. How to get the Sims out of the apartment with minimal effort? You need to pour a little wine, apple cider vinegar or compote into the jar and add a few drops of dishwashing aids. In such a liquid, insects will quickly drown.

How to get rid of midges using a vacuum cleaner? To do this, remove the main attachment and try to tighten the insects, collecting them from the ceiling, walls, surfaces of cabinets and shelves. After cleaning, the vacuum cleaner container should be shaken away from the apartment. Knowing where the midges on fruit come from, one can play on their weakness for a sweetish smell by buying a sticky tape.

Moss in the apartment can be removed and the method of through ventilation. Of course, some individuals will hide, but the majority of insects will fly out into the street. Aromamasla is a very effective remedy for midges because they do not like harsh odors. You can light the aroma lamp by adding a few drops of clove oil. The effect will be on the sticks of patchouli, ylang-ylang, verbena. Suitable and the most ordinary air fresheners with the smell of pine needles or citrus.

The problem of how to deduce Simuliidae is not so serious as it seems at first glance. To destroy insects, many different ways have been invented. But still it is much easier to prevent their appearance in the house, rather than then puzzle over how to get the midges out of the apartment. Excellent prophylaxis against insects is the cleanliness and order in all rooms. If the kitchen does not leave half-eaten salads, fruit, clean bread crumbs, immediately after the meal to wash dirty dishes, the midge will never look into the dwelling.

Very often in the apartment like snow on your head there are unpleasant, and most importantly, uninvited neighbors - fruit gnats. How to get rid of these annoying insects and clean your home? This is the question most owners ask. Despite the fact that insects live only a few days, they can do a lot of harm. First, they multiply rapidly, so if you do not know how to get rid of midges and do nothing, then in a couple of days a whole swarm of parasites will fly around the house. And secondly, they are carriers of pathogens that are dangerous to human health. Let us consider in more detail where the mice come from and how to deal with them.