How to make a guy to quit

There are situations when someone very much likes, then you start to meet, he gives you flowers and sweets and you are very happy. .. but for some reason you suddenly want to finish everything. But how? What to do, what to say, to take, so that your young man took the initiative to part with you? How to make a guy give up?

There are a number of specific things that you should not do, because it can end badly. For example, wanting to part with a guy, you can inadvertently humiliate him and lose a friend in his face. .. and it will be sad for both of you.

So, wanting the guy to give you up, do not let this ever happen:

  • Direct and veiled insults of the guy and his manhood. For example: "You are stupid, we have nothing to talk with you, it would be better if I did not contact you!".Or an example of a veiled insult: "Before you, I've always liked athletes, and now I want to communicate with intelligent people."
  • Do not belittle your dignity, but do not elevate yourself. Example: "You
    r future girl will necessarily be more beautiful and smart. ..".Another example is "I am worthy of the best!".
  • Do not joke on a guy in public.
  • It is unnatural and stupid to look if you ask him not to communicate and not to see him for a while - this is as clear as you want.
  • Do not share his revelations with outsiders.
  • Do not blame the problem of his social circle - friends and relatives.
  • Do not provoke jealousy and do not meet with other guys - it can cause insults on the part of your guy and charge you with obscene behavior.
  • Do not try to try on different images and masks of other people, it looks very ugly.

It's hard to always keep yourself in hand, do not talk nastiness and be natural, but nature is laid out in such a way that it is on women that the task is to create comfort within yourself, inside the man and in your relationships. If you read a women's site, fashionable and popular publications about psychology and relationships, then we can conclude that women's wisdom is to solve everything yourself, as you want, but both partners should be satisfied. It's not for nothing that folk wisdom says: "A man is a head, and a woman is a neck. Where the neck turns there and the head will look. "Let's now consider what you need, if you decided to break up with the guy.

So, how to make a guy give up. Young men want to love and be loved, but are not yet ready for responsibility, but for you it can be an important trump:

  1. Tell your half that you want to talk very seriously, delay time, postpone the meeting, maybe the guy will guess himself and express his firstsuggestions, what do you say that you had in mind another conversation, but you agree with him, and you better just be friends.
  2. Tell the young man that his family wants to meet you, especially dad.
  3. To say that you love him madly and want to be with him always, the word "ALWAYS" usually scares the guys, because by their nature they are free and polygamous.
  4. During one of the conversations, start a conversation about your family, how you will celebrate the wedding, name the children and where you will live together.
  5. Remember that he ever told you about his tastes and preferences and use it against your relationship, but not all at once. For example: he does not like fish, Dubstep, red, a lot of cosmetics on the girl and can not swim. On your part to arrange a romantic dinner with fish snacks on the lake birch, dressed in a red dress and brightly made up, and then turn on his unloved music and offer a swim will be an obvious search, and he will understand what you are trying to achieve. Let your actions be inconspicuous, and in his head there will be an opinion that you are not a couple.

Try to think it all out well, and most importantly, to understand if you are really ready to lose this person. Do not make hasty decisions, and having made a choice, do not regret about it and be happy!