Man Aquarius: how to win and marry?

Man Aquarius - at the party, this man will sit in a corner, keep silent and subdue all the surrounding representatives of the fair sex with their mysteriousness and dissimilarity to the other peasants, who dance happily and drink a lot. Aquarius - an esthete, he likes a beautiful life, and he knows how to impress her owner.

Man Aquarius in love

Together with an outside attraction, Aquarius is a magnet for the opposite sex. He is generous, likes to make broad gestures and spend money on himself and his beloved. He does not spare finances for the situation in which he lives - Aquarius has a beautiful apartment with good repair and beautiful furniture. And if for this he needs to get on credit, then he will fit in, because for him, aesthetics are more important than money. The same love for beauty in him extends to women. You'll never see a woman who is not well-groomed, not an attractive woman next to a man of Aquarius. He is ready to endure vagaries, bad temper, bitchiness and hysteria, if only hi

s beloved would rejoice him with his beautiful face and shapely figure. He is very fond of beauty. Between the rich old woman and the beautiful beggar he will choose the latter. In his woman he sees a wonderful companion, not a source of income. Pride will not allow to live at the expense of a woman. Noble creature!

How to win a man of Aquarius?

Men Aquarius rarely make the first step towards acquaintance with the girl themselves. Usually, they are passive and a little shy. This you need to move yourself. From the gate he will not give you a turn at the first meeting. With a good "facade" he will be interested in you and, only knowing you closer, will make a decision. Aquarius man gives everyone a chance to show themselves.

How to marry Aquarius?

But to marry him to yourself is not easy. Men Aquarians prefer free relations stable. The upper limit of freedom for them is the bonds of civil marriage. And then, for about thirty-five to forty years, this inveterate bachelor will not surrender. In relations, it is unpredictable. He can never be tied to his skirt. Such a man likes freedom in marriage. This does not mean that he will change you, he just needs to give time to his hobby. And did not drink it about this. Rush in the middle of the day for fishing( or football) for him - a common thing. And it's better not to build a far-reaching plan with him, they will not come true.

Man Aquarius - unsicked and lazy

Man Aquarius does not like to sit in one place, he is always on the move, always striving for the goal. He has many friends. Perhaps it is due to his dynamic way of life, and perhaps, natural kindness, nobility and openness. The Aquarius man is an easy person, it is pleasant to communicate with him, he does not load with his problems, but he is sincerely interested in yours, and if he can help, he will. He is very capable at school and work, but laziness is his scourge. Only brute force, he will achieve significant success in his career. Sometimes, it seems that this man is hovering in the clouds, and it's no wonder, because Aquarius is the sign of Air. Earthly problems are of little interest to him. Therefore, with him should be a woman practical and prudent, ready sometimes to remove the rose-colored glasses from this extraordinary man.

Man Aquarius - Compatibility

Woman Aries

Suddenly bursting out, a vivid relationship likely will not last long. Aquarius man and Aries woman rarely pass the test of living together. The initiator of domestic conflicts is most often Aries. She values ​​in men purposefulness and ambition, which is not observed in Aquarius. In turn, the man of Aquarius is confused by the exactingness of Aries, but he forgives her all for his passion.

To build a truly strong relationship, they need to learn to yield to each other, and to each other's weaknesses to be more forgiving.

Woman Taurus

A good union, in particular for Aquarius itself. An understanding and economic woman, Taurus, perfectly suits his creative and freedom-loving nature. All unexpected tricks, frequent mood swings and other crises, a woman Taurus is ready to carry with humor while quietly engaged in children and home. Of course, Taurus periodically expresses his dissatisfaction with his instability in life and his material situation, but he appreciates his talents and extraordinary personality, and as anyone else supports at a difficult moment.

Gemini Woman

This union is not boring. There is no stability and tranquility in it, but everything else is enough. General curiosity will not allow them to spend evenings, just sitting at home in each other's company. Interest in everything in the world encourages them to spend a lot of time with friends, travel, visit different theaters and cinemas, both together and separately from each other.

These two natures are so freedom-loving that any obligations are alien to them. Usually they stay together until they are together well.

Woman Cancer

Freedom-loving Aquarius and cautious Cancer. Despite this contrast, they are still drawn to each other. Sometimes conservative Cancer is difficult to perceive the creative and contradictory personality of Aquarius. Woman Cancer wholeheartedly strives for stability, but Aquarius is often not ready for this. He, in turn, does not like the measured lifestyle of Cancer and not the ability to share with him his hobbies and hobbies.

The woman Lion

Aquarius admires the grace and taste of Lioness, she does not disregard his unpredictability and ability to surprise her all the time. However, it is not uncommon for the Lioness to accept the indifference of Aquarius to career and money. Not too successful financial affairs of Aquarius, can serve as one of the reasons for the collapse of the union. Ideal for a couple - if you do not need to think about money at all. Then the union will exist for many years.

Female Virgo

Quite a rare union. Aquarius constantly falls under the pressure of the Virgin. She constantly reminds him of his shortcomings. Order in the first place, so the bohemian and creative way of life of Aquarius for the Virgin is unclear.

If Virgo and Aquarius want to preserve the union, Aquarius needs to learn to follow the elementary rules, and Virgo - to be more indulgent.

Woman Scales

Such relationships are more like a love story from a book. Unforgettable romance with passion and feelings. As a rule, they do not aspire to family life, but if it comes to the registry office, the partners can allow some degree of freedom to each other. In everyday life, violent quarrels may occur, followed by turbulent reconciliation. In principle, despite a troubled life together, they get along well with each other.

Scorpion woman

Quite not a simple union in terms of emotions. It is not uncommon if they fall in love with each other on a first date. Scorpio's passions and ardor are enough for two, and Aquarius will make his relations unpredictable and enchanting, but the differences of characters can turn into sharp clarification of relations.

They are always together interesting and have something to talk about. Often such a bright union passes the test of time.

Woman Sagittarius

This is a union of two independent and bright people. Both natures are love-loving and inquisitive. Perfectly understand each other. In common life there is no gray routine. And if such a full-blown alliance does not last long, it will leave a bright imprint for life.

Female Capricorn

A fairly complex alliance. Aquarius and Capricorn look at life differently. However, Capricorn reaches out to Aquarius, because he sees in not what is lacking in her - inner freedom and spontaneity. And Aquarius likes the purposefulness and organization of Capricorn.

Woman Aquarius

It is unlikely that such an alliance will arise, because each of them is too busy with himself. To disinhibit and keep Aquarius nearby, you need a completely different warehouse person. But if such a pair is still formed, then together they will stay until they are comfortable with it, the rest should not even be thought of.

Pisces Woman

Pretty bright union. Both personalities are creative and not ordinary with a rich inner world. In the relationship there is both tenderness and jealousy. Such a mixture of emotions will add to the relationship of sharpness. To preserve this union for a long time, both need to be stocked with understanding and patience.