Smart woman - happiness or punishment for a man?

Smart woman - for a man is happiness or punishment? What a question? Is an intelligent woman a punishment for a man? This is real happiness and a gift of fate! So we think, girls, clever and beautiful women, striving to get a good education, decent work and make a brilliant career. Studying professional literature and mastering all the subtleties of the chosen profession. But most men, for some reason, do not agree with us. They do not look in the direction of such "bosses in a skirt", preferring them to quiet peaceful non-tight, and even stupid girls. And if they do, then with the goal of personal gain - money from you to get or on the ladder to move forward.

Where is justice? You did not sleep at night, you achieved success in your studies and at work, everything cleared up, while girlfriends walked around the night clubs and walked with the guys. As a result - they are happily married, you are happy only at work. To a certain extent, this is the stumbling block. They were just gaining experie

nce in communicating with the opposite sex, they learned to "build" eyes, interest themselves, talk with a man, understand it. But it's not only that. You, having received your wonderful red diploma, finding a prestigious job and having made a career there - you begin to get used to command all those who come to your arm, considering yourself, reasonably, of course, smarter than others.

In everyday life, an intelligent woman is unbearable - she will learn and torture the peasant to death. After all, she knows not only how is peeling jesnera, how collagen affects the skin, what is the darsonval crown, but how to properly lay the laminate and insert plastic windows, let her husband and repairman-trimmer with experience. And on trifles - zapilit. She is naturally pedantic, which can not be said about most men. From such a "gift" and "happiness" I want to escape to a far away place, find a girl easier, if only she could not stand brains, did not spoil the mood and did not show who is in the house the main, or rather the main one. Guys of this oh, they do not like. They go to those who are simpler and more caring, refusing to go any further to the lady bosses.

Where is the way out? Smart woman at work and an intelligent woman at home - a big difference. As the popular saying goes - the strength of a woman in her weakness. Save your whole mind for work. And at home, leave your man to be the smartest and most important. Not a smart girl is happiness for a man, but a wise one. The ideal woman is the one who feeds, and caresses, and understands. And all his knowledge will be used in the professional field, so that the house will be fun and a bit frivolous. That's where happiness is for a man.