Whatever woman wanted her second half to unquestioningly fulfill all the whims and desires that had not even been expressed out loud aloud, but accidentally dropped, or even those that you "need to guess yourself"?For sure about this secretly, and even openly, almost every one of us dreams. And even if your husband is not very accommodative, a few tricks will help you get what you want - always sweet and agreeable to your favorite henpecked.

In order to begin to form the desired behavior of a man, you first need to figure out what kind of phenomenon it is - a henpecked hen.

1. The real henpecked.

Usually weak-willed and non-initiative. Supports the wife in all her endeavors, resignedly fulfills any desire, whatever it may be, even to its detriment. I'm used to being ridden at home. At work can be the same, and completely the opposite person - a tyrant and a despot, acting out for eternal nitpicking in the family. As a rule, their wives are rather stern, hard ladies, resolute in their opi

nions and actions. In life with such a man you get almost everything you ask for( or do not ask, but just inform about your desire), but the negative side is that by suppressing the masculinity of your partner, you suppress the most intimate in his masculine beginning -libido. Each year, his gifts will be more significant, and the erection - all the more rare.

2. Imaginary henpecked.

In fact, he remains at his opinion, but peaceful coexistence with his beloved half is much more expensive. Lad and understanding in the family is very important to him, he either does not notice the manipulation, or voluntarily goes on the occasion in order to maintain a benevolent partnership. Such a man is ready to concede to you in any case, but will do it so that it would be profitable for him, and find a compromise, in which both sides will be happy, and the wife will also decide that here she also won!

3. Content henpecked.

Likes when they are led. Touched by any request, even the most incredible. I'm ready to run for the snowdrops for my beloved half, even in a fifty-degree frost or a blizzard. His wife does not suppress the masculinity of her husband, but makes her even more pronounced her helplessness. For her, such a man is super-men. Her whims can sound plaintive, like the whims of a sick child, and he flies to fulfill them, confident in his weight and authority.

To force a man to do what you want, it is not necessary to apply any force methods. A little dexterity, savvy and manipulation - and he "under the heel."The most reliable and proven techniques of manipulation:

  • Do not hide a woman. As husband, and boss or just an outsider, a man will be happy to help, if it is nice and gentle to seek help, and not to demand it, pointing to his rights as a person and a citizen.
  • Feel free to ask, assuring him that no one will do this job better. Confirmation of authority and competence is the best "pill" for the male ego.
  • Refined young ladies, a hundred years ago, skillfully used their faints, so that a man could only put a strong shoulder. Emphasize your weakness.
  • Enter his private space. It's about 50 cm. Easily and naturally touch the man's wrist, swipe your shirt over his hand. After such an intervention a person needs to gather his thoughts. Use this temporary embarrassment.
  • "Strokes" - a term from NLP, meaning a set of actions or verbal appeals that can cause a positive emotional response: praise, flattery, admiration, etc. By resorting to this, you raise the self-esteem of a man, and at the same time approve it in the decision to patronize you and in every way help.

Male henpecked - it's always nice, but think about whether it's worth making your partner so, because a humble, ready-for-everything but weak and pliable man is unlikely to cause you admiration and sympathy.

Practical psychologist Mila Mikhailova for the female online magazine