Woman Taurus

Woman Taurus - a general characteristic of the sign

This woman stands firmly on her feet, and in many respects thanks to her element of the sign - the Earth. Practical, prudent, patient - she achieves a lot with her mind and endurance. The woman of Taurus has a rich inner world, but it can not be shown to everyone. The general impression that Taurus makes on people is a low-key and calm woman. Some will call it impenetrable, but in vain, internally it is also able to suffer, experience and rejoice, only it hides its emotions under external equanimity.

A woman Taurus always strives for comfort and harmonious existence. She does not like change and unnecessary excitement, she is not ready to take risks for one reason only - he knocks her out of the rut, takes her out of a state of general calm and makes life so unfamiliar and incomprehensible. The Taurus woman is magnanimous and immortal, appreciates decency and honesty in people, being herself the possessor of these qualities. She hates everythin

g small and mean, considering it the lot of the weak. The woman Taurus communicates equally with everyone - does not divide people into rich and poor, successful and not very. She is wise and always remembers that life at any moment can turn to the forest ahead, and to your back.

Career of the woman of the Taurus

Sensibility and practicality make the woman of Taurus an indispensable worker. She does not consider herself unhappy, doing routine things. Woman Taurus is ambitious, loves success and does everything to achieve it. Purposefulness leads her to the posts of authority. And there she is, in all its glory, showing her excellent organizational skills. Her departments always perform work qualitatively. She will never rush a subordinate. It's better for her slowly - but surely. Vanity, throwing, hasty decisions - all this is not to her liking. She is kind and calm to her subordinates and colleagues at work. Intrigue does not welcome, considering them a way to disorganize the team and reduce the quality of work. But an employee who performs his job conscientiously will certainly be rewarded financially.

Woman Taurus and love

Taurus woman intrigues men with her mystery, and at the closest acquaintance she demonstrates her charm, passion, self-confidence and ability to remain herself without playing. It battles men on the spot.

How to win a woman Taurus?

To conquer the woman of Taurus, you need to know that this woman is sensual: so that the perfume should be expensive, the appearance - neat and attractive, the voice - pleasant, the conversation - on romantic and easy topics. Walking in the evening in fine weather is desirable. Good manners and a bouquet of flowers are required. But this is not all: this woman does not tolerate the weakness of spirit. The outer gloss should reinforce the strong character of the man. Next to this - a woman Taurus blossoms, showing all her best qualities.

Taurus woman's relationship with men

Her man will be happy. Woman Taurus by virtue of her character can give him everything he dreams about: a comfortable and cozy home, a practical attitude to the family budget, the absence of hysterics and fights, the beautiful and responsible mother of his children. But there is one minus - it is not too emotional, so the temperamental man will miss a good family scandals. At least - frequent. But if you set out to make her mad - methodically podkalyvaya, insulting or just acting on her nerves - your curiosity can play with you a cruel joke. Have you ever wondered what the bullfighters feel alone with an angry bull, and without their famous mines? Yes, you will feel the same. And you will no longer be drawn to the emotion of the woman Taurus. In the rest, she is a fine wife, faithful and reliable, though a bit stubborn.

The Taurus Woman will not harass her man with jealousy scenes, will not track his way from work to home, never sniff the shirts and count minutes on the way to the store. She is above this. She will forgive a man easy to not oblige flirting, she sins, but when she learns about the fact of treason, she will be furious. The Taurus woman is not one of those women who easily forgives. Even if this happens, an unpleasant incident will remain in her memory forever.

Taurus woman and her house

After a hard day's work, there's nothing better than coming home to a Taurus woman. Excellent housewife, who will feed, warm, take care of everything and take care of everyone, will not bother asking. She herself is all so warm and cozy, that the man wants to return to her again and again, in search of peace, tranquility and tenderness.

Women's health Taurus

The woman Taurus by nature has excellent health. But all the small sores run the risk of becoming chronic if she does not start to treat them in time - this woman is not too anxious about her health. Careful attention should be given to the ligament - ear-throat-nose. They need a good ENT doctor. Just keep your legs and back. The best holiday for the Taurus is a trip to the dacha or to the village, closer to the land, which gives them peace and recharges with new forces.