Gemini Woman

Gemini woman - general characteristic of

This woman is very volatile and unpredictable. She is easy on the rise, has a great sense of humor and always gets along with people. If in the company you meet a woman in the center of attention, gaily telling about the last trip on kayaks( to the avant-garde exhibition / to a new cafe / about hitchhiking to Yekaterinburg) - do not doubt, you met the woman Gemini. She does not like to sit exactly on the spot. Her whole life is an eternal movement. And the movement is not only forward and upward, but also often chaotic. If only to - just do not live monotonous and boring. She does not give her energetic kindness to those around her. No, no, and will draw into some history. Communication for a woman Gemini is the source of her energy, and in this she has no equal among the other signs of the zodiac. Its language is the main weapon in conquering not only the opposite sex, but also the greedy boss, the capricious child or the seller who breaks the price. All of

its charm, charm and charm lies in the ability not only to correctly and interestingly talk, but also competently to persuade. This gift is partly from the constellation itself - two Gemini( and she says exactly for two!), Partly from her craving for adventure, not allowing to sit in one place, and making it constantly communicate with people. The Gemini woman always shines with her eyes, she is always "lit".

Many accuse a woman of Gemini in duplicity. Again, looking at the star image, you can give an explanation of this behavior - two characters in one suggest a kind of duality of personality. But it's easier for Gemini's surrounding people to not.

Career of a Gemini woman

There is nothing worse for a Gemini woman than routine and routine. In boring work, she feels unhappy. She never realizes herself at work from nine to six - the Gemini woman simply will not stay on her for long. She is one hundred percent - a creative person, with all the ensuing consequences. The main advantage of Gemini in the workplace is their mind. Such women can find a quick and correct solution to any problem. What for others is a stressful situation, for them - avoiding boredom. Thanks to her keen mind, the manner to make right decisions with lightning speed, she can achieve leadership positions( in the victory over her inconstancy, which prevents the Gemini from building a successful career).If such a woman becomes a boss - the rhythm of the life of her department for many subordinates will be unbearably fast, but interesting. With this woman, even the routine work will seem boring and bright. She often sins by changing or even canceling her decisions. Some can not keep up with its pace of work, they just do not understand and do not accept its hyperactive lifestyle. Her subordinates should not rush to immediately execute her orders. In half an hour she can change everything. But she so infects with her enthusiasm that it is difficult for her to resist. The undisputed plus of Gemini women( but minus for others) - it can get out of any situation. She will never catch on an error, she will always be able to translate the arrows in time.

Twin woman - love and family

Ears are loved not only by women, but also by men. And the woman Gemini, possessing the gift of eloquence combined with insight and intelligence, if desired, can fall in love with anyone. It is so light and unconstrained that men, tired of ever-aching and gray women, like a magnet attract Twins. She always looks good, always cheerful and cheerful. In conversation, she shows her true charm. A man next to her will not relax: constant trips to exhibitions, to theaters, to everything new and fashionable - a Gemini woman will not let him get bored. Life will play with bright colors. But, how easily this woman converges with men, just as easily and at variance with them. Stability is not about Gemini. Likes to argue, if someone touches her - just will not keep silent. It happens irritable, suffers from a private change of mood. Next to such a woman is not easy. But you will never name the period of life in which you lived or were friends with a Gemini woman boring. She does not like aching and ever complaining people. Itself is not such, prefers to solve their problems itself, often without even devoting to their problems others. She adores her children, but she will not allow them to make her a slave of everyday life and four walls. She will drag her kids around with her, instilling in them her main qualities - sociability and love of life.

Gemini Women's Health

The main problem of Gemini women is overwork, which is not surprising, knowing their rabid rhythm of life. Hence - and a bad dream, and problems with the nervous system. They need to learn to relax. Forget sometimes about his stormy activities, and just lie down, sleep, listen to quiet music.