What to do to fulfill the desire

For sure, each of us, even the most inveterate rationalist and skeptic, ever dreamed of catching a goldfish. The question of how one can fulfill desires, stir minds and give rest to almost everyone, from the youngest to the adult and the conscious. To do this, refer to charlatans, crooks, astrologers and others - all who can express their cherished dream, so much so that it certainly came true. But psychologists say that in order to draw the desired into the real, it is not necessary to have a magic wand or to keep on the bedside table an aquarium with a goldfish. You just need to be able to correctly formulate a request and work with the desire. So how to become yourself a magician? What can I do to make a wish come true?

The energy of human thought is enormous. As has long been proven, our thought is material. That's why what we think about has a property to come true. A person provokes his own reality: the more bad, negative thoughts, the more unhappy events occur around him. Conversely,

a joyful, optimistic, benevolent person for the future will attract only the good in his life. It acts like a huge magnet: our thoughts are charged with such energy that attracts everything that corresponds to them. This phenomenon is called the law of attraction.

The ability to visualize, or represent what you want becomes an important assistant in the way of fulfilling your own desires. After all, just to wish a house or your second half is not enough. It is important to imagine how the result of will look to the smallest detail: if this is the man of your dreams, which is still not in your life, you need not only abstractly want an "attractive, intelligent and caring" person, but as if to see its colorhair, eyes, feel his touch to your hand, hear what his voice will be. Most clearly and accurately imagine what you want, predict the situations in which you will be present with him as brightly as you can. This is called visualization.

Imagine your desire already fulfilled. Listen to yourself: how do you feel? If you are calm and happy in your soul, then it really is yours, if you feel remorse, remorse, inner emptiness, nothing good will fulfill this desire in your life, so it is better to refuse it at once.

If you are guessing something, do not use a particle of "not": "I do not want to be complete. .. I do not want to be alone. .." After all, you risk getting exactly what you do not want: the short and weightless word "not" will simply not beseen. In addition, this word provokes a negative, attracted to you like a magnet. So formulate your request correctly, say: "I want to be slim or I want to have many friends, etc.". Tune in to a positive vision.

Fill your dream with positive emotions, send to the universe that positive that would be felt, having what requested. Try to experience gratitude to the higher forces that help you achieve the desired goal. So to say, experience gratitude, joy, happiness in advance - pay ahead. Artificially evoke these feelings in yourself every day.

In order to receive, you need to give something. It is noticed that if you wish love and peace to your loved ones, you yourself will certainly get the same. Remember that sacrificing something, you get back, a hundredfold multiplied.

Desire as specific as possible. Even better, write on paper what you would like. This is necessary in order for your request to be clear and concise .If you see your goal as clearly as possible, it will come to you more quickly. You can not want to, you do not know what, like Saltykov-Shchedrin: "Either revolution, or boiled pork with horseradish."

Do not rush to fulfill your desires .Think, after all on the ground such, as you, passionately wanting, it is possible to pond a pond. And for everyone, the universe must find the time and energy that a person finally finds the object of his dreams. Do not need to think maniacally about him, seeing in dreams and in reality. Best of all, wish and forget. As it has been noticed for a long time, the most often comes true, what you do not expect. And your subconscious mind itself will trigger the mechanism of action of attraction. Remember the words of the song: "Love inadvertently comes on when you do not expect it at all. .." from "Merry guys"?So the message is for what you wish.

You can create an Visualization Board or Desire Map( it can be called differently).We recommend reading how to make a wish card. To do this, draw a note on the paper, write, paste clippings from magazines that reflect your wishes. Indicate everything you want: a house, a car or a loved one. But try to make the images as accurate as possible and clearly show what you want. After this, hang the board so that it is always in front of your eyes. But do not let others speak ironically about it : sarcasm and mistrust are contagious;hearing someone say a word, dropped in such a spirit, you subconsciously program yourself to failure and break the process of "sell your dreams."Imagine a picture simply as a bright and unusual collage decorating the interior.

But even all this will not be enough, if you do not step a step towards the fulfillment of your desire. You can not charge the universe to work for you on 100% , you need to do a part of the work and for yourself, that is, to make the best you can. Even if you are very passionate to want, but do not even try to do something for it, your desire will remain a shaky pink dream. If you lie on the couch with a cup of tea and a dozen sandwiches with sausage on a plate, and think: "I want to be skinny," do not expect that you will succeed. It is necessary to show some effort, to prove that you are worthy to get what you want. Take a step towards the universe and it will definitely help you .

Practical psychologist Mila Mikhailova for the female online magazine LadyElena.ru