Why does not a man call?

Almost every girl is familiar with the experiences of the heroine of Irina Muraveva from the cult "Carnival", languishing in anticipation of a phone call. When Alexander Bell invented the phone, it certainly did not occur to him how many hopes people will associate with this device. And although over the past time the phone has evolved significantly, it continues to impose huge expectations. It is through this intricate mechanism that people have the opportunity to communicate without temporal and geographical boundaries.

So, if earlier two lovers of hearts were contacted by messengers and post pigeons, then in our age of technological progress, it is only necessary to dial the number on an elegant keyboard. But sometimes, to connect with a person, even the most advanced digital technologies do not help. So why does not everything "ring the thunder of a telephone call"? Why does not a man call ?

Before you panic and start breaking the phone yourself, try to keep cool and appreciate the situation.

Why did not he call? And why do not you sometimes call back a friend or forget to call your mom, even if you know that she was waiting for a connection with you?

First - elemental forgetfulness. Alas, most men are extremely scattered and sometimes forget to do the simplest things, not like dialing a phone number. Maybe your chosen one also belongs to this category.

His unwillingness to call on trifles .After all, it is the exclusive prerogative of the fair sex - to hang on the phone, conducting in conversations "about that, about this" for several hours in a row. Men are not inclined to this, as they more structurally structure their time. They tend to communicate in essence. In addition, their speech is more miserly and lexical lean. In order to present his question, even very informative and broad, a man will need only a few minutes. Therefore, the lack of news from a young man you like is that the simply does not have any significant news that he could share with .

Employment at work can prevent him from finding the time to talk with you. Even if it does not seem to take much time, compared to the annual report, important negotiations, or a meeting of sponsors at the airport, the call to you can go to the back burner.

There is a category of men who after a date with the girl are waiting for her response step .That is, he does not call, because he is waiting for a call from you. He liked you, he was interested in you, and now he wants to see your reaction.

He hesitates .Sometimes it happens that a man recently had a serious relationship, which turned into another negative experience with women. If after your acquaintance he realizes that you will not have enough free meetings, it will take him some time to decide whether the is worth entering the river again.

However, along with these possible reasons, there are also more gloomy explanations not of the man's desire to communicate. If he forgot or did not find the time to call, this may indicate his priorities, unfortunately, they are not in your favor. With a lack of interest in a woman, a man will not consider it necessary to waste his time and energy even on a short phone call. After all, if he is interested in these relations, where will the free minutes for the call come from?

At one time Sigmund Freud put forward a whole theory about " forgetting" - the property of the human subconscious to differentiate things that are subject to separation into primary and secondary, and to exclude from this list that which is not relevant and important. Based on this hypothesis, we "forget" about objects, people, facts of reality, which are not essential for us. Separation of tasks into important and secondary serves as a protective mechanism, a defensive function of the psyche. And if you believe the psychology and rather contradictory works of Freud, talking with you is not such a necessity for men. And no matter how regrettable it may sound, you can not only hopelessly hope to hear the "thunder of the heavenly long-awaited call", but also to continue acquaintance with it.

The options to find out the true reason for his silence are only two: needs to either call first or maintain a pause in communication. But remember, if you really liked this man, then in the end, having fulfilled all his urgent and important matters and having solved all the urgent problems he will apologize for the silence and will appoint the next meeting.

Mila Mikhailova for the female online magazine LadyElena.ru