How to make a man want to marry you

Back in the far 46, my mother thus married my dad. I also took advantage of her experience when I met my future husband. Secret, in general, no and no. Everything has long been explained by Pushkin, saying that "the less a woman we love. ..." well, and so on. Women use the methodology of Alexander Sergeyevich, too, does not hurt , believe me. If a man sees that you are too interested in him, write - was lost. He will begin to defend, feeling that his freedom is infringed in the most unceremonious manner. Even if you are through long courtships and marry yourself a man - a good result of this is not enough, in a couple of years the relationship will break down, at least, so it happened in many families that I had the opportunity to observe for at least a couple of years.

So, having met a man for whom I obviously wanted to get married, I started to meet with his best friend , which I did not like at all. But, he was in love with me to the ears and constantly told my future husband what a good an

d wonderful I was. Gradually, purely on the principle of "such a cow is necessary for yourself", my chosen one and he began to pay attention to me. But he did not want to spoil the best friend of the relationship. So he suffered five months or six months alone in months. While I was with his friend peacefully and quietly did not part.

You know, an intelligent woman( sorry for self-confidence) can always not only make yourself fall in love, but also fall out of love too to calmly part with a man. Do you think that after that we started dating? In no case! I had my own life, once a week we called back, sometimes met in general companies. That's all. Everything has its time. The main thing is not to rush and find the right moment for to translate the relationship into a decisive phase. I had this moment when I, walking in the winter with a dog, quite realistically, without any simulation, strongly dislocated my leg( in the case of my mother, she burned her hand).Then he had a wonderful chance to look after me. He brought food, walked my dog, cleaned the apartment. In short, I did everything to make me feel good and comfortable. Most important, he felt that he was responsible for me, and I realized that it was not scary at all, but even very pleasant! After all, the main thing that is afraid of all men is the family obligations of , the task of a woman is simply to show that to be afraid, in general, there is nothing to .However, when a couple of months later he fell down with a terrible flu, I gently nursed him, like a small child. But by this time we already managed to get married. The only thing that spoiled me a little bit about this is that I was walking a little limping to Zags - my leg was still aching. But, compared to 18 years of happy family life, this is, of course, a trifle!

Girls, if you want a man to really want to marry you, let him know that family obligations are happiness, not a burden to .And everything will be fine, believe me!

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