We make a wrap at night for weight loss. Positive aspects and risks

There is not always an extra hour to make a body mask at the height of the working day, so wrapping for the night for weight loss is the best offer for lazy, not patient and busy. The wrapping procedure, especially hot, relaxes, and it takes a long time to lie motionless under a warm blanket. And this is not always convenient to do during the day. Therefore, such a process of taking care of oneself as a night wrap has become popular. You just sleep, and fat deposits are burned. Standing on the scales in the morning you will be pleasantly surprised. The plus of this kind is also that during the sleep the redness from the skin will come off.

We make a wrap for the night to lose weight

Wrap at night for weight loss is more effective, because the whole body struggle against excess weight is activated from 10 pm. According to the principle of action this species does not differ much from the usual wrapping, which means why not try an easy way to lose weight and at home. But you should take into account all the risks that the procedure entails.

Scissors of the night wrap

Carefully choose the composition for the mask, it is best to check the skin reaction to it beforehand. This is not difficult to do: apply to a small area and after a while it will become clear whether you have an individual intolerance to any component. After all, some masks are so active that there may be an allergic reaction or irritation due to the long time of the procedure.

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Some girls fear a negative effect on the health of the procedure due to the long presence of the effect of the sauna. Of course, in the morning on the scales will be visible results, and in the mirror - the absence of orange crust, but such indicators may be temporary. Because this is the result of a long greenhouse effect. The body will be dehydrated, and such aspects are not very good for the health of the kidneys. So, it is often not necessary to do such sessions, but only in extreme cases, when it is very urgent to achieve weight loss before an important event.

Another drawback is that the body is wrapped in oilcloth for the whole night. Oxygen does not flow, the skin is squeezed, and this is not a favorable condition for normal blood circulation and metabolism. Therefore, do the procedure before going to bed, and at night remove the mask. Lose weight will be longer, but this is not such a risky option.

How to do the procedure: As with the usual wrap, you should prepare the skin: take a shower and make a peeling. Horny cells need to be removed, and the body - to steam out. In the expanded pores, nutrients will be absorbed better, and you will begin to lose weight faster.

Next, go to the process itself. Apply the chosen remedy to the problem areas and wrap the skin with oilcloth( it is convenient to use food film).There are components that can not be restrained for more than half an hour, the rest are more sparing for the body, so you can go to bed with a mask.

Effective recipes

Honey wrap for the night. Take a couple of spoons of honey, better than May, it does not thicken, or you have to melt, add a small amount of essential oil of orange, a couple drops of vanilla and lemon oil. Apply to the necessary zone in circular motions and wrap it with polyethylene. In the morning you can take a shower and wash off the remnants of the mask.

Wrap with vinegar. Mix apple or wine vinegar, in any case not table, with water in a proportion of 1: 1.Blot the cloth in a solution and wrap it around the body. Further on the general scheme: wrap and lie down under the blanket. The next day, as soon as you wake up, take a shower.

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Mask with oil overnight. Ideal for coconut or olive oil. Preheat the selected ingredient on a fire or in a microwave. Then add citrus essential oil( 5-10 drops).Strain the mixture into the skin and wrap it around the film.

Wrapping on the basis of mustard and honey. Combine both components in equal proportions, stir. Should get a creamy consistency. If the honey is too thick, then dilute it with hot water or a little heating in a water bath. Will not hurt also to drip orange oil.

Who is prohibited from wearing night wraps

  • Some believe that keeping the remedy whole night is very dangerous and entails unpleasant consequences. But if you do everything correctly and take into account contraindications, then problems should not arise.
  • If you have varicose veins, then this kind of wrapping you do not be desirable.
  • Do you have problems in the gynecological area? Then also the night procedures for you are taboo.
  • In any tumors and inflammatory processes, the doctor will prohibit the wrapping.
  • Recently learned about pregnancy? It's time to stop the sessions.

You decided to wrap at night for weight loss? Then prepare yourself for sweating all night long, and perhaps a strong sleep will not prevail against you. Excess weight will soon come down from your figure, and it will happen sooner than you think. But all the same try to find time before a dream to make a mask, and on a dream remove. To strive for beauty is good, but do not forget about your health. After all, the attraction does not make you happy if there are diseases. Night wrapping is very rare to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences.