Styling on medium hair

Contents of the article:

  1. Curling on curlers
  2. Using curling rods
  3. Smooth hair
  4. Volumetric hairdos
  5. Special tools

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Curling on curlers

Image is able to emphasize a certain styling. Curls on medium hair create an easy, romantic image. Means for obtaining the desired curls are many. When used correctly, they all give excellent results.

On hair curlers it is necessary to wind hair still wet, and it is better that they dry up: the hair dryer "will untangle" curls, and they will lose shine and density. In addition, overdried curls do not hold well. The choice of hair curlers depends on many factors. There really is something to choose from:

  • • plastic
  • • metal,
  • • thermo,
  • • "Velcro"
  • • "boomerangs"

It should only be noted that thermo and electric hair curlers are harmful to hair, and "stickies" often do not hold on to longstrands. Styling of medium length hair using classic plastic or metal curlers is almost always perfect, if you acquire the necess

ary skills or use the services of a good master.

This method has a significant drawback: time. To qualitatively wind hair, it takes a lot: spinning before, you can not achieve results at all. Therefore, some ladies go to bed with hair curlers - soft "boomerangs" are suitable for this as well as possible. True, the opportunity to sleep in such a company is still very doubtful.

Using an

curler Another way to provide yourself with curls is by placing a curling flat on medium hair. It's fast and reliable, and the result can be seen right away. Modern ployka - a direct descendant of those "forceps", which the ladies curled hair even at the court of Louis XIV.

Since then, of course, this tool has changed a lot. Today the following types of plaques are available to women of fashion:

  • • metal,
  • • ceramic,
  • • with silver spraying,
  • • with the function of "ionization".

Unfortunately, they are all harmful to the hair. And "classical", with a working surface from metal - more than all. Even with all precautions( using a heat-protective spray, winding dry hair that is washed only), it is impossible to use a curd bar every day.

When curling, you should remember the main principle: the smaller the diameter of the curler or curling iron, the more steep curls come out. If you want to stack with waves, the average hair will need a corresponding "caliber" of auxiliary tools: too large will simply create a volume, and small ones will turn curls into "lamb".

Smooth hair

The taste and color of friends is not - many prefer smooth hair, for the creation of which uses styling ironing. On average hair, even strongly curly, finally found effective management. Under the action of hot planes, strands will lie in the direction that is required, they will not crinkle and swirl.

Styling is also suitable for trendy asymmetrical haircuts, when you want to create "angularity".With this tool you can even curl your hair - of course, the correct form of curls will not work, but the fashionable spiral waves - completely.
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Too often you can not use ironing: high temperature for hair is harmful. Women who want to wear a smooth hairstyle constantly, one should think about an alternative: for example, the modern technology of processing strands of keratin gives good results.

Voluminous hairdos

For the creation of a feminine image, volumetric styling is most often used. On average hair it is easier to make: there are a lot of them( there is something to create), and they do not strive to hang impotently under their own weight.

A faithful assistant in the creation of such a hairstyle - a hair dryer of sufficient power( from 1300 W) and the right brush( light, made of heat-resistant materials, with strong, non-curving teeth).

Consider how to lay a medium-length hair with these tools.

  • • After washing, you need to lower your head and pat the tips with a towel.
  • • In no case can they be actively rubbed: from this, the hair deteriorates and splits.
  • • Then wait until the strands dry themselves or use a hair dryer - the air jet should not be strong and hot at the same time.
  • • When the hair is not wet, but wet, you can start laying: starting with the lower strands on the back of the head, dry it, lifting each brush with a motion-eight.
  • • Diffusers have become very popular today - perhaps the fastest styling for medium hair.

With certain skill, you can achieve excellent results if you use special round combs - they allow you to create a volume from the roots and tuck the tips inside or out.

Special tools

Almost any laying requires the use of special tools. Few can boast obedient hair that keeps curls, do not shag and keep the volume all day, despite the weather and running around the office.

Foams and mousses are used most often and show good results. In using these tools, the most important thing is not to overdo it. To create a hairstyle( styling) on ​​medium hair, enough foam or mousse volume with a chicken egg. Apply them to clean, damp hair.

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For absolute certainty in the inviolability of the result, you can use a varnish. To ensure that the strands do not stick together, spray it at a distance of at least 30 cm, constantly moving the bottle.

The greatest effort and means of fixation requires evening styling. Medium hair can be made almost any. Hairdressing offers fashionable pigtails, clever knots, a cascade of curls or soft "Hollywood" waves - the owners of medium-length hair have plenty to choose from. Festive hairstyle, of course, should differ from everyday, and is often decorated with flowers, pearls, various leather or metal ornaments.

Long hair at all times is usually associated with femininity. Unfortunately, caring for them takes a lot of time and effort, and to create a fashionable hairstyle from ringlets to the waist, you have to go to the salon. Therefore, the best option, as always, is the "golden mean": a beautiful laying on the average hair of the mistress of the hostess will not reduce, but the trouble with it is less. A huge number of haircuts, invented precisely for this length, allow you to experiment with almost no restrictions. The main thing is to cut the tips in time and give the hair a shape. Correctly chosen haircut, which corresponds to the style and habits of the owner, is a necessary attribute of any woman. Styling of medium length hair depends only on the imagination and the image that you want to create.